31. 7. 2023

Our blood runs through your veins too!

On Tuesday, August 1, the 2nd year of the campaign of the components of the integrated rescue system (IZS) "Our blood flows in your veins too" supporting blood donation. It is a project of the Police of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Medical Rescue Service of the capital. of the city of Prague and Hasičské rescue corps city of Prague. It goes without saying that VFN will be there!

You can donate blood not only here at the VFN Faculty Transfusion Department, but also at the Central Military Hospital, the Royal Vinohrady Faculty Hospital or the Thomayer Faculty Hospital.

The challenge, just like last year, begins 1st August and ends on the last day of September. The timing of the appeal is mainly due to the lack of donors in these months. The goal of the project is to spread awareness among the public and among the components of the integrated rescue system about blood donation without contribution, thereby helping transfusion stations in Prague to find more new regular donors. Currently, there are about 100,000 missing in the Czech Republic.

The challenge consists in a battle between the members of the IZS and the public. The transfusion stations will send the totals of the donors to the e-mail of the police every week, and the data will then appear in the system. Thanks to them, fictitious containers of IZS x public blood will be filled, which you can find with additional information about the campaign at: Our blood runs through your veins too! – Police of the Czech Republic

For information on donating blood, visit: Information for blood donors - VFN Faculty Transfusion Department

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