10. 3. 2021

The effects of smoking kill 18,000 people a year

The discussion of leading experts from VFN revealed a number of interesting information and news.

While the public is generally aware that smoking is harmful to health, that it causes lung cancer and that it contributes to heart failure, for example, most people no longer know how to treat such diseases. Smokers often underestimate the major effects of smoking on the heart and blood vessels. How important it is to catch lung cancer at an early stage and that cigarettes have been shown to reduce the effects of cancer drugs. They ask about modern cigarette alternatives, but are they sure they are actually less harmful? The numbers of acute poisonings from e-cigarettes suggest. This is just a fraction of the areas that arise in connection with the risks of smoking. Therefore, our leading doctors commented on current issues on this topic in a private discussion panel. It was organized on the premises of the General University Hospital in Prague by the patient organization Onkomaják and a number of interesting news and information appeared on it, which you can read in press release.

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