29. 5. 2023

The numbers of malignant skin tumors are increasing

European Melanoma Day falls on 5/30. Every year, doctors in the Czech Republic catch over 3,000 of them. Protect your skin and don't underestimate any skin changes.  

Did you know that doctors in the Czech Republic detect more than three thousand melanomas every year? This most serious malignant skin tumor arises from the pigment-forming cells of the skin, is very aggressive, metastasizes quickly, and if it is not treated in the early stages, the patient's prognosis is not very good.

Any changes to the skin should be a warning. Birthmarks that begin to change color, size and shape, a new – brown, black or red-colored deposit that slowly grows and changes surface, enlarging ulcers on the sole of the foot that do not heal, as well as leg ulcers or a “kicked in” big toe. Melanoma under the nail is often diagnosed very late. With any non-healing problem on the skin, visit a dermatologist as a preventive measure, as it may indicate a malignant growth.

Patients after organ transplants, people with weakened immunity, HIV positive, people with papillomaviruses are at high risk. It is necessary to discuss with the doctor what medications you are taking, because many medications, for example for high blood pressure, sensitize the skin to sunlight and increase the risk of cancer. Chemicals that leach out siding and insulation on construction sites during home repairs are a similar problem.

Ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB), i.e. sunbathing without proper protection, but also skin phototype and older age significantly affect the condition of the skin and the risk of developing skin tumors. Protect your skin and take advantage of all the preventive programs where you can have a look at the various signs and formations that form on the skin. You can visit a dermatologist directly without a referral, or a general practitioner will check your marks and, if necessary, refer you to dermatology. In the melanoma consultation room of the VFN Dermatovenerology Clinic, four doctors prescribe at the same time.


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