10. 7. 2020

VFN now offers the Center for Sports Cardiology

The new Sports Cardiology Centers are set to help reduce the number of sudden cardiac arrests and heart damage or unexpected deaths of young athletes. They can be used by top athletes or intensely sporting populations with cardiological problems. The General University Hospital in Prague, the Olomouc University Hospital and the Podlesí Hospital in Třinec were the first to open specialized centers in the Czech Republic. The Children's Cardiac Center at the Motol University Hospital is available for children and adolescents. The reason for the establishment of the Sports Cardiology Center is mainly sudden cardiac arrest and death in young athletes. According to statistics, one in two hundred thousand people die suddenly, but one in two hundred and fifty to three hundred people is the carrier of a potentially fatal heart disease. Although not high, these sudden deaths are unnecessary and often preventable.

For more information, see press release.


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