Investment and Development Division

Workplace characteristics

The Investment and Development Department provides all activities in the period from the beginning of the preparation of the investment project to the end of the implementation of the project, including the inclusion of the construction in the HIM and the possible settlement of the state special-purpose subsidy.

  • Provides pre-project and project preparation of designated constructions, including tenders for the preparation of documentation,
  • discusses the documentation with the relevant internal departments of the General Hospital, with the state administration bodies and ensures the incorporation of their possible comments and conditions, decisions into the construction documentation,
  • ensures all activities related to the issuance of zoning decisions, building permits and the selection of contractors,
  • after the completion of the construction, ensures its approval, including the provision of the necessary documents,
  • participates in activities related to applications for state special-purpose subsidies, monitoring their drawing and, after the completion of such financed constructions, prepares accounts and applications to the relevant ministry for their final grant to the General Hospital,
  • in cooperation with the Legislative and Legal Department, prepares contracts with selected suppliers on the basis of public contracts,
  • hands over construction sites (workplaces) to contractors,
  • monitors compliance with the conditions of the building permit and state building supervision measures for the duration of the construction,
  • systematically supplements the documentation according to which the construction is carried out and records the documentation of the completed parts of the construction,
  • discusses additions and changes to the project, which do not increase the costs of the building or operating set, do not extend the construction period, do not worsen the parameters of the construction,
  • checks the factual and price accuracy and completeness of valuation documents and invoices, their compliance with the conditions specified in the parts of the supplies, which will be covered in the next procedure or become inaccessible,
  • cooperates with employees providing author's supervision in ensuring compliance of realized deliveries and works with the project,
  • monitors whether contractors perform prescribed and agreed tests of materials, structures and works, control of their results and requires documents that prove the quality of work and supplies,
  • performs technical supervision of the builder,
  • monitors the maintenance of construction and assembly diaries,
  • controls the progress of work according to the construction schedule and the provisions of contracts and warns the supplier of non-compliance with deadlines, including the preparation of documents for the application of property sanctions,
  • during construction prepares documents for the final evaluation of the construction,
  • prepares documents for the handover and acceptance of the construction or their parts and participation in negotiations on the handover and acceptance,
  • controls the elimination of defects and unfinished work found during acceptance within the agreed deadlines, resolves complaints about construction projects implemented by the investment department,
  • ensures participation in the approval procedure,
  • inspects the evacuation of the construction site,
  • certification of buildings PP-VFN-042 - continuously performs certification of all buildings and all technical equipment owned by the General Hospital, including its updating; ensures copying of drawing documentation as needed.

Contact information

  • adresa U Nemocnice 499/2, 128 08 Prague 2, building A9
  • telefon +420 224 969 585
Ing. Václav Javůrek
Deputy Head
+420 224 969 585
Markéta Čekanová
Assistant Deputy
+420 224 969 586
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