European grants

Support of new services in the care of the mentally ill

Code: CZ.03.2.63 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_039 / 0008217
Status: Finished

Project name: Support of new services in the care of the mentally ill

Registration number: CZ.03.2.63 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_039 / 0008217
Project implementer: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

The project is provided with financial support from the EU and the state budget.

The project will pilot test the operation of an outpatient clinic with extended care for addictology patients.

Pilot verification at the General University Hospital in Prague
Regional addictology clinic U Apolináře

Start date of pilot operation: 1. 4. 2021
Date of end of pilot operation: 30.9.2022
Budget: CZK 4,712,609
Registration number: CZ.03.2.63 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 15_039 / 0008217

Brief content of the project / pilot verification:

The General University Hospital in Prague received funding under the Program for the Support of Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics with Extended Care for Addictology Patients for the commissioning and pilot verification of an outpatient clinic for addictology patients (ARP-AD).

The project respects the principles of the Psychiatric Care Reform Strategy with a focus on increasing the availability and quality of health services for people with mental illness.

The aim of the project is to provide care for a defined target group in a certain catchment area in the patient's natural environment and in the own premises of the multidisciplinary team workplace.

Involvement of the mentally ill in the treatment process. Bridging between primary care (including outpatient psychiatric care) and inpatient care (acute and specialized), thus contributing to reducing the number of hospitalizations and shortening their length. Cooperation within the entrusted area with other necessary entities in ensuring comprehensive and timely care, maximum social integration and clinical and social recovery of patients.

The main purpose of the pilot verification at the General Hospital is a comprehensive transformation of the current ALKO outpatient clinic (team: psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse) into a multi-threshold and multidisciplinary outpatient clinic (team further extended by addictologists and psychiatric nurse), applying the original tested model integrating all basic types of outpatient care. corresponding to today's concept of ARP within the Reform of Psychiatry.

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