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Interactive experiential course of developmental care for newborns - 16.09.2020

Code: Interactive newborn development course
Description: Kurz

Nowadays, when we are able to save even the smallest babies since the 22nd week of gestation, great emphasis is placed on the quality of care and the solution to morbidity associated with immaturity. Developmental care is a highly sought after topic in neonatology, so we focus on understanding this issue in our course.
What will you learn in the course?

1. First, we will talk about all the components of developmental care in order to have an overview of what is actually involved in this issue.

2. After the introductory overview, we will gradually try out various techniques that can occur in our departments in neonatology, not just intensive care.

3. We will discuss different perspectives on developmental care and share our attitudes and experiences in this spirit.

4. We will try to see how our patients feel at different performances and during our care and try to find ways to do our care better without stressful experiences.

5. Finally, you will be able to evaluate the usefulness of the entire course, including the possibilities of implementing the techniques and new knowledge.

He is looking forward to seeing you
Zuzana Tomaskova, BSc. NNP RN,
Jana Šimková Bc. Radka Samonilova, NNP RN


Date:  16.09.2020 from 8 am to 4 pm

Venue: Education Department, Na Bojišti 1, II. floor, classroom no.1

Capacity: 18 participants

Price: 900, - CZK (VFN employees 200 CZK), the invoice will be issued and sent after login

Detailed Program: preparing

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