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Nursing care for patient after brain damage

Code: Nursing care for patient after brain damage
Description: Certified course of MZ ČR

The aim of the course is to acquire and deepen theoretical knowledge and practical skills with which the nurse acquires professional theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for the application of nursing care in patients after brain damage. In the course of general nurses they will get comprehensive information about brain plasticity, clinical picture of various types of brain damage, therapeutic approaches and possibilities, types and use of compensatory aids in hospital and home care.


Entry requirements:

  • completion of qualification studies and adaptation process
  • professional competence to perform a medical profession without professional supervision
  • at least 2 years of medical experience


Course objective:

The aim of the certified course is to prepare a general nurse to independently perform specific nursing care in a patient with brain damage in hospital and home care.


Course Schedule:

The total hour is 24 hours.

Theoretical part - 10 hours

Practical part - 14 hours


Dates in 2021:

The term will be determined by the number of candidates.



Theoretical part: Department of Education, General Teaching Hospital, Na Bojišti 1, 120 00 Prague 2.

Practical part: Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, General Teaching Hospital, Albertov 7, 128 00 Prague 2.


Course completion:

The course is concluded with a test and a practical exam, in which the student performs and justifies nursing care in a patient with brain damage.


Course price:

CZK 3,000

The participation of an employee of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague is 500 CZK


Expert guarantor:

MUDr. Yvona Angerová, Ph.D., MBA - professional guarantor of the theoretical part
Vendula Matolínová - professional guarantor of the practical part


Contact to login:

Prof. PhDr. Jana Endlicherová, phone: +420 22496 9509, e-mail: 



You can apply for the course by completing the course application form.


Prof. PhDr. Jana Endlicherová
OV VFN in Prague
Na Bojišti 1
120 00 Prague 2

or electronically to:  

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