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XXV. Workshop on bronchoscopy in anesthesiology and intensive care - 27 September 2024

Code: Workshop on bronchoscopy in anesthesiology and intensive care
Description: Workshop

The workshop is organized by KARIM and the Center for Pulmonary Endoscopy VFN and 1.LF UK and the Society for Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine under the auspices of the Czech Society of Intensive Medicine (ČSIM) and the Czech Society of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Medicine (ČSARIM)

Deadline: 27 September 2024

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Location: KARIM VFN in Prague, U Nemocnice 499/2, 128 08 Prague 2

Registration fee: for ČSARIM/ČSIM members 4500 CZK, for non-members 5000 CZK


doc. MD Martin Balík, Ph.D., EDIC

MD Hana Bartáková

MD Tereza Bartošová

MD Tomáš Brožek, Ph.D.

MD Josef Kalab

prof. MD Pavel Michálek, Ph.D., DESA, M.Sc., FEAMS, MBA

doc. MD Ondřej Naňka, Ph.D.

MD Michal Otáhal, Ph.D.

MD Eva Svoboda

doc. MUDr. Jiří Votruba, Ph.D.


Theoretical part – KARIM VFN

• FBSK indications in anesthesiology and intensive care, contraindications
(H. Bartáková, 15 min, 9:00-9:15)
Anesthesiological indications (visualization of the larynx, intubation, control of ET end placement, double-lumen ET placement control)
Indications in intensive care (diagnostic and therapeutic FBSK, control of the injection site during puncture TS?, positioning of the tracheostomy cannula)
Contraindications of FBSK in IP, Complications of FBSK

• BOD in general anesthesia from the anesthesiologist's point of view (P. Michálek, 15 min, 9:15-9:30)
CA specifics during bronchoscopic / bronchological procedures, introduction of rigid instrumentation, jet ventilation

• FBSK for double-lumen intubation (P. Michálek), 15 min, 9:30-9:45)
FBSK during double-lumen ET intubation with video demonstration

coffee break 15 min

• FBSK during difficult intubation (T. Brožek, 20 min, 10:00-10:20)
Performance techniques, tips and tricks

• Technical aspects of FBSK in intensive care (M. Otáhal, 25 min, 10:20-10:45)
Adjusting the ventilation mode before/during FBSK, FBSK vs. ET/TS
Accessories (cannulas, forceps, obturation balloons...)
Visualization, recording

• Disinfection, hygiene regime, preparation before BOD
(endoscopy nurse+KARIM nurse, 20 min, 10:45-11:05)

coffee break 15 min

• FBSK in a spontaneously ventilating patient (H. Bartáková, 20 min, 11:20-11:40)
Preparation, Local anesthesia
Premedication, sedation

• Diagnostic FBSK in intensive care with a focus on BAL in pneumonia
(H. Bartáková, 20 min, 11:40-12:00)
Diagnostic methods for individual pathological conditions (inflammations, tumors, interstitial lung diseases, anatomical anomalies, foreign bodies, hemoptysis)
BAL in VAP non-immunocompromised and immunocompromised patients

• Therapeutic FBSK in intensive care (M. Otáhal, 20 min, 12:00-12:20)
Foreign bodies (suction, forceps, irrigation)
Removal of mucus, blood (flush F1/1, Mistabron)
Bleeding treatment (obturation BOD, adrenaline, topical coagulation)

• Demonstration of the practical implementation of FBSK in a patient on UPV / spontaneous. ventilating
patient (M. Otáhal / J. Votruba, 12:25 – 1:00 p.m.)

lunch 13:00 – 13:30

• Position of rigid and interventional BSK in intensive care
(J. Votruba, 25 min, 1:30 p.m. – 1:55 p.m.)
Removal of foreign bodies and massive hemoptysis with the help of rigid BSK
Airway obstruction, laser, stents, dilation, cryotherapy

• Professional requirements for performing bronchoscopy from the Czech perspective
pulmonology society and the Czech society of intensive medicine, conditions for reporting the code "One-time flexible bronchoscopy diagnostic or therapeutic" within the DRG reporting of intensive care
(J. Votruba, M. Balík, 15 min, 13:55 – 14:10)

transport to the Anatomy Institute 1.LF UK (approx. 10 min.)

1) Practical part 14:30 – 17:30 – Institute of Anatomy 1.LF UK
(H. Bartáková, E. Svobodová, J. Kaláb, T. Brožek, T. Bartošová, P. Michálek,
M. Otáhal, O. Nanka)

• Anatomy of the respiratory tract
Bronchial tree and its X-ray and CT projections, Videobronchoscopic records of endobronchial branching, physiological findings, examples of endobronchial pathologies

• E – learning orientation program in DC

• Practical training (mannequin/model, black-box):
Basic orientation in the bronchial tree
Intubation training using FBSK
Lung separation control
Removal of foreign bodies from the bronchial tree

• Practical training of videobronchoscopy on a cadaver

• Practical videobronchoscopy training on a broncho-simulator


CANCELLATION POLICY: If the client cancels his participation less than 14 calendar days before the start of the event, the amount of the cancellation fee is 100% of the set price of the event (the issued invoice must be paid). The exception is the proven incapacity of the client at the time of the event or other serious reasons. Exceptions are decided by the head of the education department. Opting out of the event is only possible in writing to the e-mail address:


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