Institute of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology - Toxicology

Workplace characteristics

At the workplace, toxicological examinations of the patient's biological material (blood, urine, gastric lavage), or other case-related samples (unknown fluid, powder) for clinical and forensic purposes are performed. The basis is a systematic analysis for the presence of previously unknown nox (drugs, drugs and other xenobiotics) and their metabolites for differential diagnosis of acute intoxications and diagnosis of drug addiction. Levels of toxicologically relevant substances such as paracetamol, salicylates, antiepileptics, antidepressants, ethylene glycol, ethyl alcohol and others are monitored to monitor the effectiveness of therapy for intoxications. The blood carbonyl hemoglobin level during flue gas poisoning is also determined. Furthermore, various control examinations are used to monitor the use of therapy (antihypertensives, lipid-lowering drugs, NTBC, etc.) and drug abstinence in cessation programs. The laboratory has investigated the testing of newborn infants' mothers with suspected drug addiction to diagnose drug exposure in utero. Especially for forensic reasons, a hair analysis is performed, which will clarify the use of drugs even after a longer period of time when they are no longer detectable in blood or urine.

Our laboratory reliably demonstrates hundreds to thousands of exogenous substances and their metabolites in urine (or other biological material). Only selected about eighty analytes also determine serum concentrations.

The Department of Toxicology performs examinations not only for the General Teaching Hospital, but also for all medical facilities in Prague, the Central Bohemian Region and, if necessary, for the whole Republic. The department provides 24-hour emergency service. Examination requests from private individuals can be arranged both by telephone and in person in day-to-day operation.

Opening hours

  • Mon - Fri 07:30 - 16:00

Emergency service

  • Mon - Fri 16:00 - 07:30
  • Sat - Sun 07:30 - 07:30

Contact information

  • adresa Ke Karlovu 2, 128 08 Prague 2
  • telefon +420 224 967 190 (secretariat)
  • telefon +420 224 911 267 (emergency / consultation)
  • fax +420 224 911 267
  • email
doc. Prof. RNDr. Radomír Čabala, Dr.
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 224 967 194
Ing. Petra Růžičková
Senior laboratory technician
telefon+420 224 967 022
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