29. 5. 2024

Come to the World No Tobacco Day at VFN

World No Tobacco Day, which is commemorated every year on May 31, is intended to once again draw attention to the harmful effects of smoking and to support all those who want to end the addiction. The success of getting rid of a harmful habit increases rapidly thanks to the help of specialists who can offer intensive therapy. At the same time, the treatment is covered by health insurance, which many people still do not know. Therefore, experts from the Center for Tobacco Addicts, III. the internal clinics of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK and VFN decided to strengthen awareness and offer their help to people addicted to smoking during the World No Tobacco Day. Just stop by them on Friday 31 May between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. at the station in front of the pharmacy on the ground floor of the Faculty Polyclinic at Karlov náměstí 32, Prague 2.

And what awaits you?

  • meeting with nurses from our Center for Tobacco Addicts who provide education and professional advice
  • measurement of carbon monoxide in your breath, which indicates your level of physical dependence on nicotine
  • individual consultation to quit smoking, targeted intervention and advice on how to overcome withdrawal symptoms
  • familiarization with the possibilities of pharmacological treatment, to which health insurance companies contribute
  • the possibility to obtain informational and educational materials

Smoking is responsible for a fifth of all deaths in the Czech Republic! Cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the respiratory system and malignant neoplasms burden smokers much more. A quarter of Czechs are addicted to tobacco. Up to 18,000 people in the Czech Republic die annually from diseases caused by smoking. It's still not too late to change that!

The most widespread tobacco product used in the Czech Republic are industrially produced cigarettes. About 15 billion cigarettes are consumed annually in the Czech Republic, which translates to roughly 75 packs of cigarettes per person per year, including children. At the same time, experience with alternative tobacco and/or nicotine products has been growing in recent years. The number of users of e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches continues to increase, especially among young people around the age of 15. World No Tobacco Day is declared annually by the World Health Organization (WHO) and this year's theme is "Protecting children from the influence of the tobacco industry".

Center for the treatment of tobacco addiction in VFN
Those interested in treatment can contact the Center for the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction at the General University Hospital. The center can be found in the building of the Faculty Polyclinic on Karlov náměstí (4th floor). Doctors here provide specialized care and an advanced individual program. He will evaluate the degree of nicotine dependence, draw up an individual treatment plan, advise on how to overcome withdrawal symptoms and choose the appropriate pharmacological treatment, which is supported by selected health insurance companies. Orders can be made in person at the Faculty Polyclinic building or by calling 224 966 608, 737 009 870.

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