7. 6. 2024

World Blood Donor Day at the General Hospital

World Blood Donor Day celebrates its 20th anniversary on Friday, June 14. On this occasion, we are planning a meeting with regular donors and first-time donors who will arrive at the Faculty Transfusion Department of VFN on this day. Between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., small refreshments, a wheel of fortune and small gifts await the donor. Come and join too! We need thousands of new regular donors to complete the registry, and we are currently struggling most with the shortage of blood groups A and 0, as well as the blood of RhD negative blood groups.

Blood is still an irreplaceable and necessary part of the treatment of many patients even today, when modern medical procedures and highly effective medicinal substances and means are used in the treatment of patients. Hospitals use it during operations, to treat anemia and diseases of blood-forming tissue, in a dialysis program, after severe injuries or for the production of medicines. Our Faculty Transfusion Department currently has 7,800 blood and blood component donors in its register. In order to optimally ensure the supply of transfusion preparations, we would need an additional 8,000-10,000 blood donors in our register.

Any healthy person (male or female) between the ages of 18 and 65 with a body weight of over 50 kg can donate blood. In one normal collection, the donor donates 450 ml of whole blood. That is, the blood that circulates in his circulation. Men can donate blood four times a year, about every three months, and women three times a year, about every four months. The anniversary of 20 years of donation is a challenge for all who want to help people whose lives depend on donating the most valuable liquid, which cannot yet be replaced in any other way.

Thank you for helping.

All information on the conditions and process of donating blood can be found here: Information for blood donors – Faculty Transfusion Department – General Faculty Hospital in Prague (vfn.cz)

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