25. 9. 2020

100 new Linet beds for VFN

In just three days, the staff of the Medical Technology Department of the General Hospital, together with representatives of 14 clinics, placed one hundred new Linet beds.

The logistics event, with the full operation of the inpatient workplaces, tread like a Swiss watch. A total of 200 beds were recorded, 100 new ones replaced 100 old ones, some of which were discarded and some moved to other clinics. The delivery of fully electrically adjustable beds to Linet was purchased with financial donations from the General Hospital. One hundred new beds are already used, not only for the comfort of patients, but also for the comfort of control by medical staff. Linet beds meet all safety parameters, have a central braking system, electric positioning with autoregression of the loading area, height adjustment, patient control panel, infusion stand, crossbar and many other equipment. Passive, anti-decubitus mattresses were, of course, part of this large delivery.

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