Blood transfusion department

Current need for blood

RhD positive RhD negative
A + AND-
B + B-
AB + AB-
0+ 0-
Last updated: 13.07.2020
Table legend:
Individual blood groups are listed in two columns (RhD negative and RhD positive). According to their color, you can tell if your blood group is more or less needed for you and you can plan your visit with us.
Backround colour Meaning for you
Please come donate blood, we have a shortage of this group
The blood of this group is withdrawn without restrictions
Please postpone the collection of this blood group

Operating hours of withdrawals

  Workplace Karlovo náměstí Workplace Zbraslav Trainers (both locations)
Monday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Tuesday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Wednesday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Thursday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Friday 07:00 – 10:45 07:00 – 10:45
The Friday mode also applies to days preceding the free days (public holidays and holidays).

Consulting hours with a doctor

Workplace Karlovo náměstí Workplace Zbraslav
Phone: +420 224 962 751 Phone: +420 225 374 234
13:00 – 15:00 10:00 – 13:00

All information about the donation of blood and its ingredients can be found under the tab Information for blood donors.
Information about our workplaces and the way to us then under the tab FTO workplace.
Answers to frequently asked questions.
Traveling Restrictions - period of exclusion from donation after return from foreign trips.
Seasonal restrictions related to travel (2020) - West Nile Virus Fever (WNV) infection.
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News, Events, Events

14. 07. 2020

Lack of transfusion products

Dear donors and blood donors

if your health and schedule allow it, please come and donate blood.

We are currently still struggling with a shortage of group transfusions And Rh (D) positive and 0 Rh (D) positive.

Thank you!

14. 07. 2020

Operational information for blood donors - updates

Dear donors and blood donors

We remind you that the standard operating hours of consumption apply at both of our workplaces, ie:

  • MON - THU: 7:00 - 11:45
  • FRIDAY: 7:00 - 10:45
  • Leaders: Mon - Thu: 7:00 - 9:45

However, some restrictions remain in force:

  • Recommendations of the STL ČLS JEP for donors who have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus or have been in risky contact or quarantine - see link.
  • Regular seasonal restrictions related to West Nile virus (WNV) - see link.
  • Restrictions in connection with return from foreign trips - see travel table.

If you have the time and taste, don't be afraid to donate blood, you will help!

19. 06. 2020

Genome Project - Updates

Dear donors and blood donors

with effect from 29.6.2020 until the end of August 2020 subscriptions of those interested in participating in the GENOM project will be carried out only at the Zbraslav workplace, the sampling time remains unchanged. You can find more information under the tab Analysis of Czech genomes for teranism.

To get the result of the analysis, enter at project page the entire assigned code without spaces, including the written identification mark and the slash (eg A1234 / 1).

If your code does not work, please send it to the e-mail address: eventually, in cooperation with the project coordinators at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, we will send you an updated code.

Thank you for your understanding.

11. 06. 2020

Thanks to blood donors on the occasion of the World Blood Donor Day celebrations

Dear blood donors and dear blood donors. I take the opportunity to celebrate WORLD DAY OF BLOOD DONORS, which we celebrate every year on June 14, to thank you all for your constant and selfless help in providing patients with transfusion products. I really appreciate your help - we wouldn't be able to do it without you. I wish you and your loved ones good health, success in your professional life and happiness in your personal life.

I also urge those who are just donating blood to decide: “Do not hesitate and come! It's okay - donating blood is much easier than you think 😊 "

For the FTO team
MUDr. Daniela Dušková, Ph.D.

01. 06. 2020

Donation Promotion - Youtuber Peca

Youtuber Peca visited us and it was nice 😊

Thank you for promoting the donation!

28. 05. 2020

Dear donors and blood donors

Due to frequently asked questions in connection with the implementation of tests for the presence of Covid 19, we would like to inform you that we do not perform these tests at our workplace.

You can find a list of collection points in Prague under the links:

11. 02. 2019

Virtual tour

Dear donors and blood donors

We have prepared for you a virtual walk through the whole process, which begins with the arrival to the collection and ends with the dispensing of transfusion products for patients. You can see in detail step by step what's happening to your blood, plasma or platelets.

If you have the taste and the time, you will see the tour here.

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