Blood transfusion department

Current need for blood

RhD positive RhD negative
A + AND-
B + B-
AB + AB-
0+ 0-
Last updated: 21.01.2020
Table legend:
Individual blood groups are listed in two columns (RhD negative and RhD positive). According to their color, you can tell if your blood group is more or less needed for you and you can plan your visit with us.
Backround colour Meaning for you
Please come donate blood, we have a shortage of this group
The blood of this group is withdrawn without restrictions
Please postpone the collection of this blood group

Operating hours of withdrawals

Workplace Karlovo náměstíWorkplace ZbraslavTrainers (both locations)

Monday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Tuesday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Wednesday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Thursday 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 11:45 07:00 – 09:45
Friday 07:00 – 10:45 07:00 – 10:45
The Friday mode also applies to days preceding the free days (public holidays and holidays).

Consulting hours with a doctor

Workplace Karlovo náměstíWorkplace Zbraslav

Phone: +420 224 962 751 Phone: +420 225 374 234
13:00 – 15:00 10:00 – 13:00

All information about the donation of blood and its ingredients can be found under the tab Information for blood donors.
Information about our workplaces and the way to us then under the tab FTO workplace.
Answers to frequently asked questions.
Traveling Restrictions - period of exclusion from donation after return from foreign trips.
Travel Seasonal Restrictions (2019) - West Nile Virus Fever (WNV) infection.
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News, Events, Events

21. 01. 2020

Lack of transfusion products

Dear donors and blood donors

If your state of health and timing allow it, please come to donate blood in the new year 2020. We are currently struggling with the lack of transfusion products of almost all blood groups -  0 Rh (D) and A Rh (D) negative and positive, B Rh (D) negative.

Thank you!

13. 01. 2020

Updating of regular FTO events

Dear donors and blood donors

we have updated for you a list of dates of our regular events - subscriptions with mobile unit, which we plan in 2020. List, which you can find under the tab Regular FTO events in the top right menu of the site, we will continue to update continuously.

07. 01. 2020

Reduction of January's subscriptions, Genom project

Dear donors and blood donors, due to operational reasons, we are always obliged to cancel donations at our workplace in Zbraslav when taking samples with a mobile unit. In January 2020, the cancellation concerns the following deadlines: 7.1., 14.1., 15.1., 28.1., 29.1.2020. Thank you for your understanding.

In 2020, we continue to subscribe for analysis of Czech genomes for teranism. In January at our workplace in Zbraslav we take samples for the genome project every working day (with regard to planned closures) from 7:00 - 9:00, at the Karlovo náměstí workplace only every Tuesday from 8:00 - 11:00, except 21. 1 2020.

17. 12. 2019

Christmas cards

Dear donors and blood donors

THANK YOU for your all-year favor, which we greatly appreciate and which makes sense to our work

WE WISH You will enjoy quiet Christmas, Christmas and post-Christmas days

and may your steps accompany the New Year HEALTH !!

07. 11. 2019

Project Analysis of Czech genomes for teranism

At the FTO workplaces, it is now possible to participate in a project that is aimed at building a control database of genetic information typical of the Czech population. The project aims to contribute to the timely and accurate diagnosis of genetic diseases and their further research.

More information can be found in the tab Analysis of Czech genomes for teranism.

25. 10. 2019

Spartan Blood 2019

Dear donors and blood donors

The thirteenth year of the popular “Spartan Blood” is here again, this time with a few changes. You can support the project and donate your blood, or become a part of the bone marrow donor registry at IKEM Prague, at both our workplaces in three November terms, namely 5.11., 12.11. and 26.11.2019 (always Tuesday). More information can be found in the tab Spartan blood.

We look forward to you!

11. 10. 2019

Adjustment of sampling interval for men

Dear donors and blood donors

In August, due to an acute lack of transfusion preparations, we shortened the interval between individual donations to 8 weeks. Acute shortage thanks to you managed to ward off, interval between donations in men so we go back to the standard ones 10 weeks.

Thank you for your understanding.

14. 06. 2019

International Blood Donor Day

Dear donors and blood donors

Today is your day, the World Day of Voluntary Blood Donors. His motto this year is "safe blood for all“, That is, the wish of all of us to provide timely and safe blood transfusion for every person as an integral part of modern treatment. We would like to thank you all very much for your gift, which we appreciate not only ourselves, but especially all those who daily help save their lives.

Together for our patients

FTO team

If you have time and taste, browse through the interesting links

01. 03. 2019

Give Blood with Fincentre Reality

Fincentrum Reality has decided to actively engage in the promotion of blood donation, extending our registry with a few first-time donors, which we hope will be added by their colleagues in the near future.

The donation process was created propagation video, whose main motto is very apt "Donating blood is normal„.

If you want to get involved or learn more, browse project website.

11. 02. 2019

Virtual tour

Dear donors and blood donors

We have prepared for you a virtual walk through the whole process, which begins with the arrival to the collection and ends with the dispensing of transfusion products for patients. You can see in detail step by step what's happening to your blood, plasma or platelets.

If you have the taste and the time, you will see the tour here.

25. 01. 2019

Great thanks and little plea

Dear donors and donors of blood, after the call on social networks and the subsequent media coverage of the lack of blood products, we, thanks to you, managed to bridge this critical supply shortage.

We want you thank you very much for your increased interest in donation, the desire to help, and also to devote your time to patients. 

Given how difficult these last few days have been for us, we would like to ask you the following:

  • if you have the possibility to use our donation center in Zbraslav for donation,
  • for telephone inquiries from the doctor, please use the consultation hours for this purpose.

Thank you for your favor and the desire to donate!

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