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Dear Patients,

Welcome to the General University Hospital in Prague. Thank you for the confidence you have shown us by seeking our care. The General University Hospital in Prague (hereafter referred to as the General University Hospital) is a state contributory organization that provides basic, specialized and specialized care to children and adults in all basic fields. VFN forms 43 health centers, clinics, institutes and separate departments. The hospital's website lists the basic characteristics of these sites, including the most important contacts.

The hospital's comprehensive health teams are ready to provide you with state-of-the-art health care and facilitate your return to active life. You can also help with your responsible approach to treatment and adherence to the rules and recommendations of your doctor and nursing staff, which serve to accelerate acclimatization and treatment during your stay in our hospital.

The General Teaching Hospital is the teaching base of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, secondary schools, colleges and universities. We are teaching future doctors, nurses and other health care workers. We will be pleased if you have an understanding for this activity of our hospital. However, as a patient, you have the right to refuse the presence of such persons. It is always necessary to bring this to the attention of doctors or nursing staff.

Your hospital stay

If your medical condition requires hospitalization, that is, you will go through the initial examination and then be hospitalized in a particular department. When you are admitted to hospital, submit your identity card and health insurance card. Give the doctor and nursing staff medical records that have been requested for example laboratory results, preoperative examination report, etc., hospitalization recommendations, if you have already been exposed to sick leave.

During the reception you will be informed about further progress and will be asked to sign hospital admission based on the information provided. After admission to hospital, he will be attached to your wrist identification bracelet, which is used to increase safety and ensure clear identification before all interventions and interventions. Please keep this bracelet for the duration of your stay in the hospital.

Furthermore, the attending staff will inform you about the rules of stay in the department, including regime measures and hygiene rules. You have a summary of this information throughout your hospital stay at Home Order Department.

Personal items

Bring personal items and hygiene items (toiletries, towel, slippers, bathrobe). Own laundry can be used after agreement with the attending staff.

Valuable items, money

Please do not carry more money to the hospital, no jewelry, no valuable and expensive items. If you can't leave them to your relatives when you receive them, you can to the nursing staffthat ensures their safe storage. If you keep these things with you, despite the possibility of storing them, the VFN is not liable for them. You can also draw money from the deposit through the health and social worker of the workplace. Our medical staff will be happy to contact your social worker.

We are not responsible for the consumer electronics you bring. You must properly care for this technique specifically authorized by the attending physician that you have not surrendered. For the period when you cannot keep these things yourself (eg for the duration of your health services), the appropriate department is designated a place to postpone them. The staff will be happy to inform you.

Do not leave personal items unattended and lock them in the bedside table that is available to you during your stay. Please store your clothes and shoes in your closet. If the cabinets are not in the rooms, you will hand them over to the nursing staff, who will arrange for them to be deposited against the escrow document.

Internal mode

To increase your safety, it is forbidden to bring and store weapons, ammunition and dangerous substances to the hospital. If you have a gun with you, it is imperative that you notify the nursing staff, who, in cooperation with the Czech Police, will ensure that it is lawfully deposited.

Alcoholic beverages, addictive and narcotic drugs are prohibited in our hospital. In all hospital areas smoking is prohibited. Violation of the prohibition of drinking alcohol or other addictive substances and the recommendation of the doctor not to smoke can be considered as a failure to follow an individual treatment with all the consequences. If you have tobacco addiction, you will be assisted by experts from the Tobacco Dependent Centers.

Wireless (WiFi) Internet access is available for patients and visitors in the hospital. This connection is free. Visitors to the hospital have access limited to 2 hours per day, hospitalized patients have unlimited time for their hospitalization during their hospitalization. The buildings covered by the signal are marked with the WiFi network logo. The name of the WiFi connection (SSID of the network) is "vfn-internet-free".

We are ready to provide you with spiritual support and pastoral care for your spiritual needs. For more information, contact the nursing staff, use the hospital bulletin or website Chaplain services.

Patients' rights

Patients' rights and duties they are published on the hospital's website and are also available at all inpatient wards. The website provides basic information on rules and regime measures related to the provision of health services in the VFN, eg. information for admission to hospital, basic information for pediatric patients and parents, information for pregnant women atp. A patient with a sensory or physical disability who uses a dog with a special training (guide or assistance dog) has the right to keep the dog with him in view of his current state of health.


Recommended visiting hours are set daily, depending on the department's operation (Workplace home order) and your health. The presence of your loved ones depends on the operating conditions of the individual workplaces with which the attending staff will inform you. We ask that your visits do not disturb the operation of the department and other patients. It is forbidden to leave children unattended.


If you are bringing your own medication to the hospital, please inform the nursing staff and hand over the medication. Patients in inpatient wards cannot (with some exceptions by the attending physician's permission) use the medicines they have brought and are obliged to hand them over to the nursing staff in their original packaging, only by means of it.

As a patient, you are entitled to receive full, understandable information about your illness and treatment needs. In the event of any uncertainties, you may contact your attending physician or the head physician of the workplace.


Diet and diet in patients is determined by the attending physician. It is in our common interest that you follow dietary recommendations and helped the course of the treatment, since adherence to a suitable diet regimen is an important part of the treatment. You can consume your own diet in accordance with the established dietary regimen after consulting the treating physician and under the following conditions:

  • ready meals must be consumed immediately
  • other foods must be consumed until their shelf life expires,
  • Perishable food cannot be stored in bedside tables or on the window, only in refrigerators, if available, and labeled with your name.

Small refreshments and a selection of hot and cold meals and drinks are offered by the restaurant in the A9 building in the main hospital area.

Reimbursement of care

If the health care provided is not reimbursed from public health insurance or paid out of the patient's contractual insurance, you are obliged to pay this care directly to the VFN.

You are also required to pay regulatory fees in accordance with applicable legislation. Fees can be paid directly to the department via vending machines, at checkout and at reception or via SMS. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our attending staff.

Services performed at the request of the patient and not covered by public health insurance are paid by the patient himself according to the prices stated in the list of services paid outside the health insurance, which is published directly at the relevant department.

In departments equipped with so-called above-standard rooms, you can pay extra for higher comfort for a fee specified in the price list of above-standard rooms. With the possibility and free capacity of these rooms, the attending staff will introduce you.

End of care

Your doctor will inform you about the date of discharge from the hospital. If you do not agree with the deadline, please inform your attending physician of your reason. Upon release, you will receive a layoff report (possibly a preliminary release report) and will be instructed by the nursing staff about further treatment, regimen and possible check dates. Please return all borrowed items, pick up items stored in the department or at the hospital's check-in desk, and make sure you don't forget anything.

We wish you an early recovery and a pleasant stay with us.

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