Privacy Policy (GDPR)

Information about personal data processing

The following information contains basic information about personal data protection in the General Teaching Hospital in Prague (hereinafter referred to as VFN).

For whom this information is intended

For the sake of clarity and clarity, the General Teaching Hospital has prepared information on the processing of personal data for individual categories of data subjects separately. This the information is primarily intended for patients, employees or other concerned persons in relation to the VFN.

The information contained in this information is reasonably applicable also in relation to the processing of personal data of other persons whose personal data we may process in connection with our services or products for the following entities:

  • patients, their family members and visitors;
  • close persons or having access to health information and medical records;
  • agents or legal representatives of our underage patients;
  • employees, both present and past and future;
  • carers of legally incapacitated persons;
  • participants in executed payment transactions;
  • cash depositors;
  • other concerned persons (eg external contractors, students, trainees or training programs, service users, collaborators, etc.);

We will also refer to the above-mentioned summary of possible data subjects as "entities".

For the purpose of this explanation, a potential subject is a person who deals with the VFN in connection with the provision of health services, conclusion, duration or termination of employment relationship or conclusion of a contract and in connection with this the VFN processes its personal data.

Purpose of personal data processing

Between the main purposes of personal data processing are these areas:

  • health services and health care;
  • employment relationship or application for inclusion in a tender;
  • clinical studies, scientific research, etc .;
  • delivery of a service or goods containing personal data;
  • contractual relationships containing personal data;
  • drug counseling;
  • downstream services and activities containing personal data.

How personal data is processed

The processing of personal data takes place both manually and automatically in electronic information systems, in electronic or paper form, always with high technical, organizational and staffing in accordance with legislative requirements.

What personal data the VFN collects and processes

Personal datathat the GPO is obliged to process without patient consent (as part of medical records), employees or other persons concerned in relation to the VFN, especially:

  • Identification data - personal data used for unambiguous and unmistakable identification of the employee of the employee or other concerned person in relation to the VFN (eg name, surname, title, birth number, if assigned, otherwise date of birth, permanent address etc.);
  • Contact details - personal data allowing contact with the patient, employee or other person concerned in relation to the GPU (in particular the address of residence, telephone number, e ‑ mail address), contact information of persons authorized to obtain patient information, etc .;
  • Patient health data - data collected and processed in connection with the provision of health services;
  • personal data of the employee to the extent appropriate to the purpose of the employment, kept in the personal file and the wage component of the employee;
  • possibly other personal data of the person concerned in relation to the VFN according to the nature and type of relationship with the VFN.

Personal datathat the VFN processes with the consent of the patient, employee or other person concerned in relation to the VFN, they are always specified in the specific consent to the processing of personal data, which the personal data subject may grant to the VFN.

Time of retention (processing) of personal data

The retention period (processing) of personal data refers to the individual purposes of the processing and results from legal obligations, contractual relationships, legitimate interest, scientific research activity or consent granted and some common cases can be mentioned:

  • Health Services:
    • Outpatient care (ie primary outpatient care, stationary care and specialized outpatient care outside psychiatry, addictology, sexology) - 10 years from the last visit (objective limitation period), or. 15 years if it is in the interest of the patient with regard to the development of his disease (for the purpose of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the GPC);
    • In-patient care - standard, intensive, in-patient care and long-term in-patient care - 100 years;
    • Specialized Outpatient Care - 50 Years;
  • Personnel information about employees - 30 years;
  • Personal data of job applicants - 3 months after the end of the selection procedure;
  • Personal data that we process on the basis of the subject's consent for drug counseling - 3 years;
  • Personal data, which we process based on the subject's consent for the specified purpose, are processed for the period during which the consent is valid, respectively. until his appeal.

In accordance with the principle of data minimization, our intention is to process only the personal information we need for the purpose and to keep it for the time necessary to safeguard the interests of the data subject or to protect his rights or rights to protect the VFN . As soon as the time period expires or the reasons for retention have expired, personal data is deleted or deleted. anonymized.

Who else is allowed access to my personal information

VFN Your personal information is shared with other personal data administrators only if they have a legal obligation or are authorized to do so or if you consent to it.

The legal obligation to provide personal data applies primarily to the following entities:

  • other health service providers (eg, other hospitals, laboratories, general practitioners, etc.);
  • IHIS, SUKL, National Health Registers;
  • state institutions (Police of the Czech Republic, courts, bodies active in criminal proceedings, social security bodies, employment offices, municipal authorities, etc.);
  • executor;
  • health insurance;
  • legal representative.

The laws govern the conditions under which such persons may request information and to what extent.

You do not need your consent to share personal information with personal data processors. Entities to become processors of personal data are contractually bound to properly protect this data. A written agreement on the processing of personal data is concluded with any entity that may act as a processor of personal data for us that we manage, and the processor is only entitled to dispose of the personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill its task, for the purpose of fulfilling his task and for the agreed period.

VFN Information Memorandum

The enclosed document Information Memorandum of the General Teaching Hospital contains information for patients on the processing of personal data in the General Teaching Hospital in Prague and their rights.

Information for other personal data subjects is available on this website.

An information memorandum for employees is prepared for former and future employees, which is available on request at the Human Resources Department.

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