Hospital Services

Health and social services

Characteristics of the field

Health and social care is an integral part of comprehensive care for the sick. The goal is to help patients who are in a bad social situation and are unable to handle this situation on their own, with the help of family or loved ones, and need help to alleviate or eliminate the negative social consequences of the disease.

To whom are the services intended?

The services are intended for patients and their families in an unfavorable social situation, especially for people with long-term adverse health or social disability, lonely, homeless, long-term or repeatedly hospitalized, with a significant decline in functional ability and self-sufficiency, persons exposed to ill-treatment, neglect or abuse, lonely women in a difficult social situation and minors in need of increased attention and protection.

Health and social work activities:

  • health, social and professional social and legal counseling in relation to diseases or its consequences (information on state social support benefits, material need, benefits for disabled people, information on care allowance, etc.),
  • assistance in the provision of follow-up health care (after-care hospitals, long-term illnesses, respite and hospice care, etc.)
  • Assistance in the provision of field health or social services (day care, dormitories and hostels for homeless people, shelters, home health care, mobile hospice care, personal assistance, retirement homes, special regime homes, etc.)
  • exercise of social and legal protection of children (help of mothers after childbirth with provision of after-care, provision of care for a child requiring immediate help, etc.),
  • help in providing compensation aids,
  • matters related to the burying of lonely patients (also in matters of stillborn children),
  • help and support according to individual patient requirements and their unfavorable social situation.

How to seek advice

You can contact us by yourself or through healthcare professionals, you do not need any recommendation, our services are free of charge. Since our department staff regularly visits all the VFN Clinical Workplaces and has work activities outside the VFN premises, we recommend that you order in advance or send your inquiry to an e-mail address in advance.

Health and social department
Location Address
  Na Bojišti 1, 120 00 Prague 2 (3rd floor) 
Geriatric Clinic Londýnská 15, 120 00 Prague 2
III. Internal Clinic U nemocnice 1, 128 08 Prague 2
M.Sc. Alena Makarova
Head of Health and Social Department
+420 224 964 112
Monika Matějková
Health and Social Worker
+420 224 964 113
Monika Sobotková
Health and Social Worker
+420 224 964 114
Olga Hánová
Health and Social Worker
+420 224 964 116
Pavla Ratajová
Health and Social Worker
+420 224 964 115
Jana Šimková Bc. Lucie Müllerová
Health and Social Worker
+420 224 964 129
M.Sc. Anna Blahova
Health and Social Worker
+420 225 374 144
Jana Šimková Bc. Markéta Svobodová
Health and Social Worker
+420 224 962 469
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