Why work in the VFN

1. We have a strong story

VFN is a hospital that builds on tradition. Since its foundation in 1790, it has been helping and healing Czech society on many fronts.

The initial idea was to help the poorer sections of the population who were ill.

The hospital's mission remains the same - doctors, nurses and other staff work as family specialists through illnesses to help their clients manage the situation and take care of their future. We do work that makes sense.

2. We are market leader

VFN is one of the largest and most successful teaching hospitals in the Czech Republic. Our work has real results that you can't miss.

3. We are looking for individuals

Our work team consists of over five thousand different talents and personalities. Each of us puts a different perspective, knowledge and experience into his work.

We learn from each other, get inspired and help each other. Our internal surveys show that what we value most about our work is our team.

Thanks to the friendly and often informal atmosphere we work well together. We do the work we enjoy with people who enjoy us.

4. We create flexible working conditions

A large number of satisfied VFN employees speak for themselves. She provides internships and internships for hospital students, there are special programs that allow working with mothers who are on parental leave, and many employees use reduced working hours.

We all use the web app, so we can connect to email from anywhere. We are largely involved in creating our own working conditions. 

5. We are a great hospital with great possibilities

The size and breadth of the hospital is our advantage. In addition to being able to build on tradition, engage in meaningful work, be part of success, create your own working conditions and work in a friendly and inspiring team, the hospital develops a range of personal and professional development options that are available to all employees without distinction. We have top coaches and professional training here. Each of us works here to develop the potential not only of his projects, but also of his own talent and skills.


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