Information for patients

Inspection of medical records

In the event that a patient who has been treated at the General Teaching Hospital in Prague or a person designated by the patient, or any person close to him / her (hereinafter referred to as the applicant), is interested in accessing medical records kept by him / her in the General Teaching Hospital or acquiring statements, or a copy of this medical record, or part of it, may fill out a form "Request for inspection of medical documentation, acquisition of statements or acquisition of copies of medical records".

The applicant shall specify in this form the scope and form of the information requested, the manner in which the information is received, relationship to the patient and sends the request (eventually hand in person) to the address:

General University Hospital in Prague
Legislative Legal Department
U Nemocnice 499/2
128 08 Prague 2

If the patient has not identified the applicant as a person who can be informed of his / her health status, or if he / she can consult the medical records kept by him / her, or other records relating to his / her health, make statements or copies. of these documents, the applicant is obliged to prove the relationship with the patient by submitting the relevant documents (eg birth certificate, marriage certificate) or by sending a copy of these documents.

The applicant may also send the request in writing to the address given, or by e-mail to These written applications should contain the same elements as those on the form. Include phone contact to speed up processing.

The Legal-Legal Department will process the request within 30 days.

For these services, the applicant is obliged to reimburse the costs associated with the search for medical documentation and the acquisition of the requested extract, or a copy according to the current Price list of VFN performances not covered by health insurance and, if necessary, postage if the documents are sent cash on delivery. In the case of personal acceptance, the payment is made in advance at the VFN Main Treasury (headquarters building) or, exceptionally, at the receipt of documentation in the Legislative-Legal Department. In the case of personal acceptance, the applicant is also obliged to prove his / her identity by an identity card.

In the event that the costs related to the search for medical records and the acquisition of the requested extract or copy reach a higher amount, the Legislative-Legal Department may request from the applicant an advance payment of up to 100% of the estimated amount.

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