How to apply for an internship at the General Teaching Hospital in Prague?

The General University Hospital in Prague provides postgraduate internships at its workplaces as part of specialization and lifelong learning. Renowned trainers, modern equipment and connections with medical research are the basis for a high professional level of internships.

The instructions below apply to these placement candidates:

  • doctors, dentists and pharmacists employed in a medical facility in the Czech Republic or independently practicing the profession of doctor, dentist or pharmacist according to Act 95/2004 Coll. as amended
  • non-medical health workers employed in a health care facility in the territory of the Czech Republic or with the right to independently perform the health care profession in the territory of the Czech Republic pursuant to Act 96/2004 Coll. as amended

Procedure before starting an internship

  1. On the selected workplace agree on the date of the internship and ask for a written consent to your internship by e-mail.
  2. Fill in the questionnaire no later than four weeks before the start of the placement (see link below).
  3. If you are a self-payer, attach a medical diploma scan (for non-medical health professionals, a scan of a diploma of professional or specialized competence), a scan of the accident insurance document and a scan of the professional liability insurance document for the duration of your internship.
  4. Wait for the elaborated text of the contract, which you will receive from the Contractual Relations Department of the VFN Education Department, to your e-mail together with further instructions.
  5. You can start the internship only when the contract is signed by all parties.

Important information for those interested from abroad, including Slovakia

Those interested in a practical internship of a medical and non-medical healthcare worker are obligatory document the relevant permit from the Ministry (see information for medical and non - medical profession). This obligation does not apply to health care workers who are members of ČLK, ČSK, ČLnK or are employed by a health care provider in the Czech Republic.

Price list

Overview of accredited fields


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