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Laboratory of Oral Biology

The laboratory for oral biology is used for research in the field of oral microbiology and immunology. The laboratory deals with research projects aimed at studying the influence of metals in dental materials on the development of autoimmune diseases, key immune mechanisms in the pathogenesis of periodontitis, galvanism in the oral cavity, intolerance of metals used in implantology, the role of dental plaque bacteria in atherosclerotic changes and the role of metals in relation to the risks of diseases of civilization.

The MELISA® test is also performed in the laboratory to determine the intolerance of metallic materials. In recent years, 150-200 examinations have been performed annually. The test is an important preventive diagnostic method that makes it possible to determine individually the most suitable implantation or remediation material. Our laboratory is the only one in the whole Czech Republic to perform this test, it is an exclusive (relatively financially and time-consuming) laboratory examination, which is performed on patients at the request of their attending dentists, immunologists, allergists, general practitioners, orthopedists, cardiologists and physicians .

The laboratory also serves as a teaching laboratory for undergraduate students of the Faculty of Science, Charles University, the field of immunology and for students of postgraduate doctoral studies in biomedicine. Professional internships in the laboratory are also performed by students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University and the Higher Vocational School of Health.

The laboratory deals with projects of the grant agency AZV MZ ČR and the university project PROGRES.

Contact: RNDr. Štěpán Podzimek, Ph.D. (tel: +420 224 966 801, e-mail:

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