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Verification and calibration of gauges

The VFN Metrology Center offers calibration and verification services to health service providers, businesses and individuals. It offers a convenient location in the center of Prague close to the I.P.Pavlova metro station with parking, fast requests and favorable prices. The center is located in the building of the Department of Occupational Medicine of the General Teaching Hospital and the First Faculty of Medicine on the corner of Na Bojišti and Ke Karlovu streets - on the 3rd floor, down the corridor to the right. Parking is available in the courtyard accessible from Na Bojišti Street.

Workplace address:

Department of Metrology
General University Hospital in Prague
Na Bojišti 1
120 00 Prague 2


The Metrological Center of the General Teaching Hospital (VFN) is a specialized laboratory that provides calibration and verification of gauges not only for the VFN workplace, but also for external subjects.

  • K 130 Authorization
  • Accreditation No. 2323
Ing. Jiří Pařík
Head of Metrology Department
+420 224 964 119
Metrological Center working hours
Monday - Thursday 07:00 - 12:00 | 12:30 - 15:45
Friday 07:00 - 12:00 | 12:30 - 14:30

The activity of the specialized laboratory is mainly focused on:

  • PRESSURE – the laboratory is authorized by ÚNMZ for mercury, deformation and electronic tonometers for measuring blood pressure. We verify tonometers of brands Omron, Hartmann, Gemio, Medel Fuzzi, Microlife, Geratherm, Medisana, Beurer and others.
  • TEMPERATURE - the laboratory is accredited by the CAI for calibration of thermometers in the range of -40 to 200 ° C to the accuracy of 0.01 ° C.
  • WEIGHT - the laboratory is accredited for calibration of non-automatic weighing instruments (up to 10 kg); class.
  • LENGTH – the laboratory provides calibration of measuring devices such as meters, calipers and micrometers, dial gauges, etc.
  • VOLUME - laboratory is accredited by CAI for calibration of mechanical and digital pipettes and dispensers by gravimetric method.
  • TIME - The laboratory calibrates stopwatches, timer and other time measuring devices.

The metrological center offers its services according to the availability of free capacities. If you are interested in the services offered, contact the Metrology Center by phone or send an order to the above address e-mail address.

Prices for metrological services are charged according to valid pricelist of metrological services VFN. Delivery time for calibration or verification of the meter is by agreement, usually for small orders within 7 days, for larger orders within two weeks of delivery of the meter by the customer, verification of the tonometer is carried out by the next day and calibration of the tonometer can be performed if necessary while waiting (approx. -2 hours). If necessary, it is also possible to arrange express order processing. 

The quality of the laboratory's activities is verified by the following certificates:

  • Certificate of metrological, technical and personal competence for verification of established measuring instruments from the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI), which certifies the competence of the workplace to perform verification of specified gauges - blood pressure measuring instruments (deformation, mercury, electronic).
  • Institute for Standardization and State Testing (ÚNMZ) granted authorization for verification of specified gauges - blood pressure measuring instruments (deformation, mercury, electronic).
  • Accreditation Certificate issued CAI according to a norm EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005. Accredited are the fields of weight to calibrate non-automatic weighing instruments, pressure to calibrate strain gauges with a flexible tube, temperature glass and digital thermometers and volume - calibration of piston pipettes and dispensers.

In addition, the Metrology Center participates annually in interlaboratory comparisons, allowing for objective monitoring of professional level and technical competence compared to other calibration laboratories.

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