Information for pediatric patients and parents

Health Information

When taking a minor into care, and whenever it is expedient with regard to the medical services provided or the patient's medical condition, the legal guardian must be informed in a comprehensible manner about the minor's state of health and the proposed individual treatment procedure and any changes thereto ( only "health information"), it must be allowed to ask additional questions relating to the minor's state of health and proposed health services, which must be clearly answered. This also applies when health services are provided on the basis of a minor's consent.

When providing medical services to a minor patient, his / her opinion on the provision of intended health services should be ascertained if appropriate to the intellectual and free maturity of his / her age. This view must be taken into account as a factor whose severity increases in proportion to the age and degree of intellectual and free maturity of the minor.

The attending health care professional must be truthfully informed of the history of minors' health, including information on infectious diseases, health services provided by other providers, the use of medicines, including substance use, and other facts relevant to the provision of health services.

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