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Clinical evaluation and research

Department of Clinical Trials and Research is an expert service providing comprehensive services for the launch and implementation of VFN studies:

  1. Start-up phase - communication with sponsor of the given study, eventually communicating with a representative Contract Research Organization, clinic, principal investigator, and other collaborating sites such as hospital pharmacy, laboratories, or imaging methods. As part of this phase, the department also provides legal review of contracts for clinical trials in cooperation with the VFN Legal Department and economically. This process lasts from 1-3 months, and the collaboration of each sponsor or contract research organization is very important. When preparing contracts, we consistently take care to minimize the risks arising from clinical trials.
  2. Investigators Initiated Trials (IIT) support, a study initiated by a VFN investigator in academia.
  3. Support for health care staff in the preparation of background papers and in the accounting for completed studies, checking payments, recording contracts, billing and processing financial reports and statistics.
  4. Payment of travel refunds to patients
  5. Cooperation in ensuring controls and audits
  6. Coordination of the archiving of study documentation arising from the clinical trial

The Clinical Trials and Research Department is divided into two sections

Preparation of contracts with contracting authorities and support for employees of medical workplaces in preparation of documents for costing:

Mgr. Martina Racková
Head of Department
+420 224 963 097
Mgr. Marie Smidova, Dis.
Specialist officer
+420 224 963 352
Eva Sekalová
Specialist officer
+420 224 963 419
Dragica Hasalová
Specialist officer
+420 224 962 389

Invoicing, billing of completed KH and distribution of income, registration and payment of travel expenses to patients:

Ing. Jana Ulbriková
Specialist financing officer
+420 224 963 096
Václava Pražanová
Specialist officer
+420 224 963 491
Ing. Michaela Filípková
Specialist officer
+420 224 963 115
Ing. Zuzana Black
Specialist financing officer
+420 224 963 491


Since 1 January 2018, the General Teaching Hospital has become a member of the European and national infrastructure supporting ECRIN / CZECRIN academic clinical research.


CZECRIN (Czech Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) is a nationwide research infrastructure providing a portfolio of services and research capacities for innovative clinical research and drug development, supporting the implementation of national and international academic clinical research. As the Czech node of the European network of clinical research infrastructures, ECRIN-ERIC contributes in a fundamental way to the involvement of academic institutions in international clinical research projects for the benefit of patients, citizens and healthcare.

CZECRIN is building a scientific professional network with a focus on solving treatment challenges.
It is a distributed research network of involved faculty hospitals and medical facilities covering the entire territory of the Czech Republic. It connects Czech research capacities with international infrastructures by implementing clinical research projects. Together, they participate in the creation of ideas and use the capacities and facilities of CZECRIN to successfully conduct independent, non-commercial clinical studies, including national and international projects.

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