How to communicate with VFN

Possibilities of communication with doctors in VFN

The VFN, as the administrator of your personal data contained in the medical documents you can receive from our doctors (eRecept, test results, medical report, etc.), will protect your privacy.

For this reason, we offer the following forms of communication with the doctor:

  • personally,
  • by registered letter,
  • by e-mail in case of acceptance of "Consent to receive personal data on e-mail" (see below).

By e-mail with your own qualified electronic signature (issued by a qualified certification service provider - overview)
By registering in the Central Repository of eReceptions directly at SÚKL - only for eReceptions!

"Consent to receive personal information on email"

You have received this email because you have asked a doctor or other VFN employee to e-mail you an eRecept, examination results, medical report, etc. These and other types of documents contain your personal information or the person for whom you exercise the rights ( children, persons with limited legal capacity).

The VFN takes care to protect your privacy and, as the administrator of the personal data, it warns you of the risks of sending them by regular e-mail, ie an unsecured e-mail message without using eg content encryption. For unsecured e-mail, we cannot guarantee, among other things, that its content will not be read, modified or misused by an unauthorized person after it is sent.

If you do not want to accept these risks, please choose a different communication path - you can find them HERE.

If you accept these risks and if you agree to send the personal data in question by regular email, please confirm this by clicking the "I agree" button. Subsequently, the required data will be sent to this email address: (specific email will be shown here)

I agree I disagree

This request for explicit consent is sent to you on the grounds that you are requesting an insecure transfer of personal data, such as health data. Health data is part of the so-called special category of personal data under Article 9 of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, also known as GDPR, and therefore requires a higher level of security.

If you wish to change your consent to receive personal information, you can do so here anytime.

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