Science and research

Institutional support of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

The General University Hospital in Prague is one of the largest hospitals in the Czech Republic and has an irreplaceable place in medical research, where for many years it has been at the forefront of research evaluation within the Institutional Support for individual research organizations managed by the Ministry of Health. The research within this Institutional Support builds on previous research plans of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic: Diagnosis and treatment of genetically conditioned disorders I and II, which were solved in the years 2000-2004 and 2005-2011. Institutional support also funds internal research projects focused on human or experimental medicine. When assessing the support of these projects, emphasis is placed on the topicality of the problem, primary goals, potential clinical outcomes, publication strategy, expected results and their applicability according to the M17 + methodology.

From the point of view of research organization, a department coordinating research has been established in the General Faculty of Medicine, which is subject to the Deputy Director of the General Faculty of Science for Science, Research and Teaching prof. MUDr. Pavel Michálek, Ph.D., DESA, M.Sc., FEAMS and professionally coordinates the research groups of prof. MUDr. Jan Malik, CSc.

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