Information for pregnant women

Birth Registration

You can do electronic registration for birth HERE. Part of the capacity remains reserved for personal registration.

  • They can register pregnant after being issued a pregnancy card (pregnancy card), a district gynecologist, from the end of the 14th week of pregnancy (ie 14 + 0), and are not registered in another maternity hospital.
  • The pregnant, who comes to TT 14 + 0 on Saturday and Sunday, will come for registration on Monday.
  • Telephone registration is not possible, a person close to the mentioned documents can represent you at registration.
  • Personal registration takes place on the first floor on the right in the counseling center for pregnant women on working days from 15:30 to 15:40.
  • After the 35th week of pregnancy, you will be ordered by phone to our maternity clinic, in the office hours of the pregnancy ambulance.

Birth documents


    • ID card (foreign passport)
    • pregnancy card (eventually examination results)
    • health insurance card
  • a completed child questionnaire questionnaire signed by both parents (available at our pregnancy counseling)
  • if you have decided to donate umbilical cord blood, do not forget to fill in the form from the pregnancy counseling.

For Registry:

  • married mothers - marriage certificate, completed name questionnaire
  • single mothers - birth certificate, completed name questionnaire
  • divorced mothers - birth certificate, divorce decree, completed questionnaire on name.

If a single or divorced mother wishes, in agreement with the child's father, that the child has a surname after his father, proof of paternity must be attached. He will issue you a register at the birth office before the birth (eg at the place of residence, in the presence of both future parents - documents with you). The documents must be in the original or notarized copies. All the above documents will be requested from you by the contact officer, who will visit you after the birth during your stay in the maternity hospital. On the basis of these documents, he will provide the birth certificate and birth number of the child on the registry office of the Office of the City of Prague 2.

The Registry Office of the City District for Prague 2 is located at 20/600 náměstí Míru Street, on the 1st floor (Monday and Wednesday 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:30,
tel .: +420 236 044 111. When visiting the office, it is necessary to bring the identity cards of both parents. The submitted documents will be returned to you and the child's birth certificate will be issued.


What to bring to the maternity hospital

MOM - for delivery:

  • bathrobe,
  • washable slippers (or shoes in the shower)
  • mouthwash, body lotion, cream,
  • toiletries, two towels
  • massage gel or oil
  • lipstick,
  • drink in a small PET bottle
  • Energy candy (NO gum)
  • reading, music player with headphones, notebook, pencil.

MOM - for the next stay:

  • 2 maternity bras
  • bra inserts (or boiled diapers); nipple ointment
  • plenty of underpants event. mesh disposable panties or panties - you buy in medical supplies, pharmacies.

Night shirts, liners and toilet paper are available!

DADDY - for delivery:

  • comfortable clothing,
  • shunting
  • food Drink.

Can be taken: mobile phone, camera, camera - Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic DOES NOT RESULT FOR THESE THINGS.

BABY - to stay in maternity hospital:

Take your baby's diaper pants to the maternity hospital. For the puerperium department, you will only receive the panties for the first 24 hours from nurses. Panties can also be purchased in a buffet on the ground floor of the clinic.
Fabric diapers can also be used in the ward. You do not need your own baby clothes or baby cosmetics while staying in the maternity hospital. You can buy a lot of products in action at our pharmacy in the Urology building, Ke Karlovu 6.

What to prepare for your baby when you go home?

  • boiled and ironed diapers (about 4 pieces)
  • disposable diaper pants (2-3)
  • chemise, suits, (coats), 2 coats, 2 caps (cotton, yarn, wool), socks (slippers)
  • baby wrap, baby blanket - all season,
  • bag or car seat - think of the safety of your baby. 
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