Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient´s department


Building C2 (B) - main entrance from Charles Square

6th floor Hospital Pharmacy - Odd. preparation of cytostatics | Oncology

5th Floor

Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory DiagnosticsThrombotic Center - Laboratory | Central hematology laboratories
4th Floor
II. Internal Clinic – Echocardiography | Cardiology clinic | Arrhythmology clinic Vascular outpatient clinic
Clinic of NephrologyNephrological ambulanceRheumatology clinic
3rd Floor
Clinic of Dermatovenerology – Ambulance of General DermatologyPediatric dermatology clinic | Ambulance for occupational skin diseases and dermatological allergologyVascular ambulance (phlebology and lymphology)Mycological outpatient clinic and mycological samplingCenter for the diagnosis and treatment of skin tumors
Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine
2nd Floor Department of OncologyOncology clinic and day care center
1st Floor 1st Internal Clinic – Hematology outpatient clinic | Day Care Center
Ground Floor Collection center
Public Pharmacy
Radiodiagnostic Clinic – Breast Disease Diagnostic Center V. Polak
Building C2 (B) - main entrance from Charles Square



Building C1 (A) - Center

5th Floor Dental Clinic
4th Floor Institute of Immunology and Microbiology – Ambulance Allergology and Clinical Immunology
I. Clinic of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases – Ambulance
Clinic of Neurology – Ambulance | Center for Demyelinating Disease (RS Center)
3rd Floor
Primary Care Center | Vaccination center
Department of Oncology – Lymphological ambulance | Genetic clinic
2nd Floor
1st Surgical ClinicGeneral surgery outpatient clinic | Mammology clinic | Koloproktologická ambulance | Orthopedic clinic | Plastic surgery clinic | Operating theaters
Clinic of Rehabilitation MedicineAmbulance 
Gynecological clinic
1st Floor
IV. Internal Clinic – Ambulance gastroenterology - endoscopy | Ambulance gastroenterology - endosonography
Department of Palliative MedicineAmbulance
Ground Floor
Public Pharmacy
Outpatient Clinical Pharmacology - drug counseling for doctors and for patients
Cash register | Registrar
Building C1 (A) - Center



Building C1 (A) - rear

5th Floor Dental Clinic – Ambulance and clinic for implantology | Racing doctor | Ambulance parodontology | Ambulance mucosa
4th Floor Dental ClinicDental surgery | Dental hygiene | Dental laboratories
III. Internal Clinic – Center for Tobacco Addicts | Clinical psychology
3rd Floor Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics – Collection center | Clinical Biochemistry Outpatient Clinic | Ambulance parenteral and enteral nutrition | Thrombotic center - ambulance
2nd Floor Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
KARIM - Center for Pain Management
1st Internal ClinicTrepanobioptical care center
III. Internal Clinic – Center of Preventive Cardiology | Ambulance for metabolic skeletal diseases and calcium metabolism disorders | Angiologie
1st Floor IV. Internal ClinicAmbulance gastroenterology | Ambulance gastroenterology - coloscopy | Ambulance gastroenterology - sonographyAmbulance gastroenterology - manometry
III. Internal Clinic – Diabetological outpatient clinic | Endocrinological outpatient clinic | Obesitology | Ambulance for metabolic skeletal diseases and calcium metabolism disordersAmbulance for obesity, diabetes and metabolic diseases | Angiologie
Ground Floor Radiodiagnostic ClinicRDG Department
Department of OncologyNon-tumor therapy department (tomotherapy)
Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics - Immunological laboratory (courtyard entrance)
Buffet - snacks
Building C1 (A) - rear

Opening hours of the box office and mail room at the Faculty Hospital

Checkout FP - Building C1 center, ground floor
Monday - Thursday 08:00 – 12:30, 13:00 – 15:00
Friday 08:00 – 12:30, 13:00 – 14:00
FP filing room - Building C1 center, ground floor
Monday - Friday 08:00 – 11:30








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