Department of Oncology

Workplace characteristics

The oncology clinic provides comprehensive oncological treatment (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, supportive treatment and palliative care) for cancer patients with a priority focus on breast, colorectal and bronchogenic carcinomas. It provides care for genetically determined tumors and operates specialized clinics for selected groups of tumors (carcinoid, thymoma) and selected groups of patients (geronto-oncology, younger patients with breast cancer). In close cooperation, he participates in the complex treatment of hematological malignancies and tumors of the gynecological and orofacial area. Organizes and participates in the work of interdisciplinary teams in order to ensure adequate diagnostic, therapeutic and dispensary care for patients with cancer. He is a founding member of the Comprehensive Oncology Center.

The average number of new patients per year is about 1,200. The average number of dispensarized and treated patients is 30,000.

The Department of Oncology is an internationally respected base for Phase I - III clinical trials. Clinical research is focused on breast, lung, head and neck cancers and gastrointestinal tumors. One of the main research programs of the clinic within the framework of grant solutions is the use of unconventional radiation sources in the treatment of cancer and the biomodulation of radiotherapy. The Oncology Laboratory is designed as a workplace of applied research to determine the sensitivity of tumor cells to individual anticancer drugs and to investigate molecular biological factors that affect efficacy.

Contact information

  • adresa U Nemocnice 499/2, 128 08 Praha 2, (pavilion A6, A8 - radiotherapy)
  • adresa Karlovo nám. 32, 128 08 Praha 2, (Faculty Poliklinika)
  • telefon +420 224 962 219 (Head of Secretariat)
  • telefon +420 224 966 751 (Faculty Clinic)
  • telefon +420 224 966 760 (ordering patients)
  • telefon +420 224 962 235 (inpatient - nurse)
  • telefon +420 224 963 626 (facilities)
  • telefon +420 224 962 252 (in-patient - doctors)
  • telefon +420 224 962 498 (patient translation)
  • fax +420 224 921 716
doc. MD Michal Vočka, Ph.D.
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 224 962 219
MUDr. Martina Zimovjanová, Ph.D.
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 224 962 235
Zdeňka Dlouhá
Head Nurse
telefon+420 224 966 755
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