Department of Oncology

Information for patients

Oncology outpatient clinics provide all outpatient treatment and dispensarization of patients with cancer in the field of clinical oncology and radiotherapy. At present, 7 outpatient clinics are part of the outpatient clinic, where our clinicians alternate according to the regular schedule. In the first 2-3 hours of the morning, doctors prefer to treat patients who come to chemotherapeutic treatment, ie by infusing cytostatics. Patients invited to follow-up examinations come to the line after entering all chemotherapy and their waiting in the morning in the waiting room is therefore completely unnecessary. At the same time, we ask our clients to contact their attending physician after 13 o'clock or later in order to avoid delaying the ambulance operation. Of course, exceptions are acute conditions that can be reported at any time. Outside the working hours of the ambulance, in such cases it is possible to contact a service with a doctor in the inpatient department.

The great advantage of our workplace is the connection to the collection center and the central cytostatic preparation room. Both of these workplaces are in one building and linking these workplaces to the computer speeds up and improves the work of health professionals. There are 2 rooms with day care center in the ambulatory operation. This modern equipped day care center with a capacity of 30 seats is equipped with hygienic facilities for patients, including barrier-free sanitary facilities. Infusion therapy is administered in an outpatient day care center, which is supplied to a ward of the central cytostatic preparation department, where the solutions are prepared absolutely sterile and very precisely according to the doctor's schedule. In addition, veins and other minor procedures are performed in the day care center. A doctor is present throughout the day care center operation.

Inpatient department

The ward of the Oncology Clinic is located in the main hospital area, with a good connection to inpatient wards of most other VFN clinics and also to irradiation facilities (located in the opposite building). In the inpatient department, we offer short-term hospitalizations for the implementation of multi-day or complicated chemotherapy, which cannot be administered in an outpatient way, or to carry out an investigation program. Furthermore, we accept patients who experience such oncological complications that require supportive treatment for hospitalization and are not routinely manageable at a different type of department. The work and efforts of our entire health care team, in addition to doctors and nurses, are rehabilitation and social workers. psychologist and pastoral service, is to further improve your health and your self-sufficiency. We also expect your active cooperation.


Our workplace has 18 standard beds in double and triple rooms and 2 double superior rooms. Standard equipment in each room is a refrigerator and a TV. Two rooms equipped above standard were modernly and pleasantly furnished under the direction of the architect, and compared to the standard rooms, they are additionally equipped with a microwave oven, a separate toilet and a bathroom. Modern electronically controlled positioning beds contribute to high comfort. The rooms are double. The fee for a superior room can be found in price list of superior accommodation. Alternatively, it is possible to offer the stay of a relative with the patient in these rooms under the same conditions. One double room is intended for patients requiring increased supervision over basic life functions. It is secured by a camera system and modern monitors.


The patients are admitted to the inpatient department on the basis of a record for admission and a telephone notification of the date of admission to hospital. As a rule, the hospital oncologist enters the hospitalization record in the outpatient clinic. Translation from another department of the General Teaching Hospital or other hospital must be arranged in advance with the head of the oncology clinic or its representative in the ward. The acute income of the patient (complications of treatment) is decided during working hours by a doctor at the outpatient clinic (outpatient clinic and clinic of the oncological clinic of the General Teaching Hospital) after consultation with the head physician (or its deputy).

What you need to stay with us:

  • health insurance card
  • valid identity card
  • basic hygiene needs
  • bathrobe, sleeping clothes and comfortable home shoes
  • medicines you are taking.


Visiting hours in the ward are preferably every day in the afternoon. After an individual agreement with the nursing staff it is possible to visit the patient at other times, but so that it does not hinder the operation of the department and the nursing or therapeutic procedures. It is in the natural interest of all patients to have visitors respect their peace and privacy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your doctor or nurse and, if necessary, go directly to the head of the Oncology Clinic or Sister.

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