Department of Oncology

Outpatient Department

A modern day care center with a capacity of 31 seats and hygienic facilities for patients and staff are connected to the outpatient clinics. The difficulty of outpatient operation, which is largely ensured by medical and control care for our patients, required the equipment of the day care center not only with reclining beds and seats, but also with classic beds. A doctor is present throughout the day care center operation.

The preparation of cytostatics is currently provided by the fully central preparation room on the 6th floor of the FP, which supplies sterile prepared drug solutions to the day care center directly for the application according to the doctor's schedule.

The connection of the outpatient departments to the blood sample collection center for laboratories and the central preparation room in one building and the interconnection of individual operations with a computer network accelerates the work of health professionals. For the first 2-3 hours of the morning, doctors give priority to patients who come for chemotherapy. The order of the patients may differ from their registration in the filing cabinet, because the doctor places the patients according to the length of their therapy and also according to the difficulties. Patients invited to check-ups come to the line after entering all chemotherapy and their sitting in the waiting room from the morning is therefore completely unnecessary.

New patients can order for the first examination, where a qualified nurse recommends a suitable doctor and a visit date. We encourage all established patients to carry their ordering cards with their medical record number. It makes it easier to find cards, even in the event of a computer failure. Please sick to be They asked their attending physicians after 11:00 for telephone questions or better later, to avoid distracting health care professionals from the patients being treated. Exceptions are acute conditionsthat can be reported at any time.

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