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Parking in VFN

The driver is obliged to observe in the VFN areas:

  • the rules of the road established by the Decree of the Ministry of Interior,
  • VFN internal regulations
  • instructions of porters.

Parking ticket received at the entrance (eventually parking card) it shall be placed in a conspicuous position behind the windscreen of the vehicle.

The parking ticket entitles you to enter and stop for 30 minutes at the VFN campus. After exceeding the time limit (entry time indicated on the parking ticket issued at the entrance) a fee of CZK 40 is charged for every 30 minutes commenced - payable upon departure from the premises.

Stopping and standing is not allowed in the hospital area according to the transport solution:

  • in zones marked with yellow and yellow comb lines
  • on access roads used for emergency services and fire brigade vehicles,
  • at reserved parking places for other vehicles
  • on ambulance stalls.

Operations, in particular the passage of Emergency Services and Fire Rescue Vehicles, shall not be restricted or endangered. In the event of a breach of this obligation, the driver commits an offense, which may lead to a threat to the health and lives of the patients. If the vehicle clearly restricts passage through the area or breaks traffic signs, it will be towed at the owner's expense.

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