Education Department

The work of the department is based on the specific needs and requirements of individual workplaces of the General Teaching Hospital. as amended, and specialized training of doctors and pharmacists pursuant to Act No. 95/2004 Coll. as amended.

The Education Department carries out and ensures:

  • specialized education of doctors and pharmacists
  • Creating your own educational activities within lifelong learning
  • contracts with external trainees, specialist training for doctors, qualifying agreements, excursions and visits, including overseas
  • the process of accreditation of basic and extension fields,
  • the agenda of residential sites in the VFN,
  • administrative support in the preparation of cooperation agreements,
  • education agenda in certified courses, accredited qualification courses and fields of specialization education for non-medical professionals
  • the process of accreditation of certified courses, specialization training and qualification courses,
  • organizational provision of students' professional practices,
  • records of educational events
  • mandatory training of VFN staff
  • educational events realized according to the requirements of individual fields and clinics of the General Teaching Hospital,
  • professional seminars, courses, conferences, language training, etc.

The department offers its educational services to individual workplaces of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague and is able to carry out selected actions based on the order also for other legal entities.

Accredited courses

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