Information for pediatric patients and parents

Parents' presence

During his / her stay in the General Teaching Hospital, a minor patient is entitled to a continuous presence of a parent or a person appointed by the legal guardian, foster parent or other person entrusted to the patient on the basis of a court or other authority's decision, under the conditions of the internal rules of the particular medical facility.

A minor patient may require that a person who is abusing or otherwise abusing or neglecting him is absent from the provision of health services.

The minor is obliged to adhere to the proposed individual treatment procedure, the legal guardian is obliged to cooperate, the minor and the present legal guardian are obliged to abide by the internal rules of the particular medical facility and not to drink alcohol or other addictive substances during the hospitalization and to undergo, based on a decision of the attending physician, examinations in justified cases to prove whether or not it is under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances.

At the end of hospitalization, the legal guardian will be informed in good time of the release of a minor from in-patient care.

For minors with serious social problems in the family, the General Teaching Hospital must inform the municipal authority of the municipality with extended competence, which is competent according to the address of the patient's place of residence, in a timely manner and if the patient has permanent residence in the City of Prague, the Prague City Hall shall inform.

Upon release, the patient will be provided with medicinal products and medical devices for 3 days or, if justified, for the strictly necessary period of time and will receive a dismissal report, which will also be sent to the practitioner in the pediatric community (if the VFN is known) ). In case the VFN has provided health services not paid or partially reimbursed from public health insurance or other sources provided to the minor with the consent, the legal guardian is obliged to pay the price of the provided health services.

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