Quality Department

Workplace characteristics

The main activities of the Quality Department are:

  • development of the concept and strategy of QMS development, its management and implementation,
  • coordination in the implementation of quality systems and their evaluation by an external assessor,
  • management, coordination and control of the implementation of accreditation standards and related regulations and standards in management documentation,
  • Manage and analyze the occurrence of adverse events
  • planning and implementing internal audits of the quality and safety management system of the health services provided,
  • creation and management of management documentation
  • monitoring, analyzing and reporting quality indicators
  • participation in defining and monitoring selected quality indicators
  • Provision of ISO 9001, 15189 and 17025 accredited VFN laboratories and laboratories
  • coordinating a regular survey of patient satisfaction surveys to assess the quality of care provided,
  • participation in education of QMS representatives of individual workplaces and internal auditors.

Contact information

  • adresa U Nemocnice 499/2, 128 08 Prague 2, building A4
  • telefon +420 224 969 338
Mgr. Lucie Mlatečková
Head of Quality Department
+420 224 969 338
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