VFN Gender Equality Plan

Gender Equality Plan (GEP, Gender Equality Plan) is the result of the efforts of the management of the General University Hospital in Prague (hereinafter also referred to as "VFN") to strengthen the elements and the situation equality between women and men in your organization and its daily operations. At the same time, it explicitly supports the principle of gender equality, the support of diversity and the prohibition of any form of discrimination, as required by the legal system of the Czech Republic. Equality of the sexes/gender equality is understood here broadly, as it is enshrined in the Anti-Discrimination Act No. 198/2009 Coll. in § 2 paragraphs 3 and 4, i.e. it also includes the situation of pregnancy, parenthood (maternity or paternity), gender identity and sexual orientation.

  • The VFN Gender Equality Plan is available for download HERE.
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