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Information for foreigners

The General University Hospital in Prague is not currently involved in the Pilot Project "Special Procedures for Highly Qualified Employees in Ukraine".

The basic condition for accepting each foreigner is his good knowledge of the Czech language, which is evaluated at a personal interview.

For new and existing employees, we have prepared Czech language courses for foreigners, where they can deepen their knowledge of the Czech language at the level of professional terminology.


Information for candidates for the position of non-medical profession

(nurse, nurse, medical lab technician,…)

The General University Hospital in Prague offers professional employment to foreigners who have already passed the qualification examination for non-medical health professions, to foreigners who are in the course of its performance and to those who are still preparing for it.

If you are interested in admission to the General Teaching Hospital in the position of a non-medical medical profession, it is necessary to arrange a meeting with a contact person for recruitment from abroad (see contact below). Please bring all the documents you have about your education and stay in the Czech Republic for this meeting.


Information for candidates for the position of doctor / dentist / pharmacist

The General Teaching Hospital in Prague is not an accredited health care facility for the provision of professional experience of 5 or 6 months in the practical part of the qualification examination in General Medicine.

For admission of employees from abroad to the position of doctor, dentist or pharmacist, the basic condition is to present the recognition of competence to perform the medical profession of a doctor / dentist / pharmacist in the Czech Republic pursuant to Section 34 of Act No. 95/2004 Coll. Approval Exam in General Medicine.


Contact person for admission of foreigners: Kateřina Toušková

E-mail: katerina.touskova@vfn.cz  

Tel .: +420 224 963 371


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