Quality in VFN


In February 2024, the General Faculty Hospital in Prague successfully defended the accreditation granted by the Joint Accreditation Commission, ops (hereinafter referred to as SAK).

The accreditation investigation was aimed at assessing the quality and safety of the provided health services in accordance with the legal regulations as amended and the evaluator's accreditation standards.

VFN was the first hospital in the Czech Republic to be accredited according to the new SAK standards, with effect from February 1, 2024.

During the accreditation investigation, the VFN had to prove that the individual processes are defined, described, put into practice and followed by the hospital's employees, both in the medical and non-medical areas.

External auditors have verified that VFN offers and provides services to patients and external cooperating entities at a high professional level, with high quality and safety.

It is thus one of the prestigious providers of health services in the Czech Republic. 

The certificate is valid until February 14, 2027

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