About us


The General Teaching Hospital in Prague is an independent contributory organization with legal personality under the direct control of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. VFN is an important provider of health services, not only in the Czech Republic.

VFN provides basic, specialized and especially specialized outpatient and inpatient care for children and adults. It also provides comprehensive pharmaceutical care, including technologically demanding preparations of cytostatics and sterile individually prepared medicinal products, as well as a transfusion service and a medical transport service.

At workplaces common to the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, it creates a broad base not only for diagnostic, therapeutic and nursing care, but also for teaching, science and research. The hospital has the longest tradition of academic medicine in the Czech Republic and since its foundation in 1790 until today it is the largest research medical institution and the main teaching institution of the First Faculty of Medicine. It cooperates with many other educational institutions from all over the Czech Republic.

The basic VFN core programs are:

  • diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • mother and child care
  • diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • comprehensive dental and maxillofacial care
  • diagnosis and treatment of blood and haematopoietic organ diseases
  • research and treatment of metabolic disorders
  • diagnosis and treatment of demyelinating diseases

Comprehensive multidisciplinary cooperation between clinics and institutes is the foundation of modern medical care, which we provide for you at 44 clinics, institutes and departments of the General University Hospital in Prague.

Everything from the high level of expertise of the teams, the availability of modern examination and treatment methods to the maximum effort for empathy of healthcare professionals of all categories is here for you. The specifics of a large faculty hospital also bring a number of peculiarities. In particular, the presence of medical students, nursing students and other medical specialists. Their teaching is not possible without your cooperation. The hospital provides you with high quality and professional care. If your health permits, be patient with future generations of healthcare professionals and help them and their teachers not only in education but also in educating them to understand the sick and their world.

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