Voluntary Activities Center

For those interested in joining the program

Are you interested in cooperating with the Center for Voluntary Activities?

Would you like to get a sense of meaningful leisure and satisfaction from helping others through volunteering? Enrich your life with new experiences and improve your communication skills? If you are studying medicine, healthcare, psychology, social work or special education, do you also have the opportunity to gain experience in a hospital environment that is priceless for your future profession and even establish professional contacts?

Do you meet the following minimum requirements?

  • You are over 18 years old.
  • You are blameless and document it with a clean criminal record.
  • You are reliable and when you consider some activity, it is a matter of course to persevere for you.
  • You are empathetic listeners and you like to communicate with others.
  • You are talented in the areas of reading, storytelling, playing games, playing a musical instrument, singing, etc.
  • You can dedicate regularly once a week / 14 days 1-2 hours of your time in the afternoon until 5 pm.
  • Do you meet everything except regular activity but are you still interested in cooperation?

Then, please contact the Center for Voluntary Activities Coordinator at Ilona.Kyrsova@vfn.cz.

In your reply, please briefly describe: your experience with volunteering and the hospital environment. The reasons that lead you to cooperate with volunteering with our hospital. Your expectations and the benefits you think your business may have. Please provide contact details. Based on your message, we will contact you to arrange further cooperation.


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