Information for patients

What to bring to the hospital?

To receive the planned admission to the General Teaching Hospital in Prague, go to the clinic or department of the relevant clinic. Here you will be taken to the hospital. You should arrive at the time determined by your doctor or your doctor. other medical staff.

Bring with you:

  • identity card,
  • health insurance card
  • hospitalization recommendations
  • results of your examinations
  • in the case of a planned surgery, the results of the necessary preoperative examinations,
  • contact your doctor,
  • contact address and telephone to family members or close relatives
  • medicines you are taking (in their original packaging or their list and dosage)
  • certificate of incapacity for work (if you have been exposed before hospitalization)
  • toiletries and personal needs
  • slippers,
  • pajamas, nightgown or. home clothes (may be hospitalized in some cases)
  • bathrobe,
  • book, magazine,
  • a mobile phone (some medical devices may interfere with mobile phones, so please contact the personnel in each case for use)
  • personal medical aids (hearing aids, crutches, sticks, etc.).

We do not recommend carrying larger amounts of money and valuables to the hospital. However, if you have valuable items with you (jewelry, larger amounts of money or important documents), you can store your valuables through a station nurse in a hospital deposit.

NOTICE: in no case leave valuable items unattended in your rooms.

Admission to the hospital

Upon receipt, the attending physician will examine you and inform you of all important information regarding your health. He will inform you about planned examinations and possibilities of surgical treatment, but also about possible complications. During hospitalization, your doctor will keep you informed of your medical condition and how to proceed.

Only the persons you specify when signing "Hospitalization and Information Disclosure" will provide your health information.

The medical staff at the appropriate department will assign you a bed, you will be familiarized with the premises, the operation of the department and the house rules. At each department you have the opportunity to get acquainted with patients' rights, menus, etc.

No smoking in all hospital areas!

Signatures of documents

Consent to hospital admission

Each patient signs "Hospital Acceptance". In the case of children, their legal representatives sign their consent to be admitted to the hospital. Patients in unconscious or incompetent patients are treated according to applicable legislation.

In some cases, the instruction and consent of the patient to surgery, anesthesia, diagnostic and therapeutic performance

The doctor will always inform you about the progress and possible complications of the planned performance before signing the consent. If you do not agree with the planned performance, he / she signs a dissenting opinion (revers).

Eating in the hospital

The attending physician will determine the most appropriate diet that will be given to you at the VFN boarding. Always consult your attending physician or a nutritional therapist about the possibilities of enriching your diet. The food you bring is stored in the unit's refrigerators exclusively for patients.

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