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New rules of visits



On the basis of an extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, with effect from 12 April 2021 regulate certain conditions for visits to medical facilities and conditions for the presence of third parties at birth.

The text of the emergency measure can be found under the link HERE.

New rules for the presence of a third party at birth

The presence of a third party at the birth is possible only if:

  • Use respirator or similar means (always without exhalation valve) of respiratory protection with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% according to relevant standards (eg FFP2, KN 95).
  • It shall be subjected to a negative result in a POC test for the presence of SARS CoV2 virus antigen.

The testing requirement does not apply to the following persons:

  • Persons who prove a negative result of an RT-PCR test or a POC antigen test that is not older than 48 hours. 
  • Persons without symptoms of COVID-19, who prove the certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on vaccination against COVID-19 and 14 days have elapsed since the completed vaccination.
  • Persons who prove that in the 90 days prior to their presence at the birth they underwent COVID-19 and their isolation ended.

Other conditions for the participation of third parties in childbirth have not changed, ie the birth must take place in a separate delivery room or box with its own bathroom and contact of the third party with other mothers must be avoided.

The Ten Commanders of the VFN Visitor

Dear Visitors,

we are very pleased to visit your relatives, relatives and acquaintances who are hospitalized in the General Teaching Hospital in Prague. Thank you for your visit to contribute to their mental and social well-being, which is essential for successful treatment.

You can visit hospitalized patients on the premises of the General University Hospital in Prague virtually anytime. Each workplace of the General Teaching Hospital has a different regime and it determines the management of the given workplace by recommended visiting hours. Therefore, please refer to the recommendations at each department.

At the same time, please be careful with other patients and behave as quietly as possible during the visit, especially at midday rest.

Thank you for your understanding and for keeping these rules and helping us in our efforts to improve the health of your relatives, relatives and acquaintances.

The Ten Commanders of the VFN Visitor

  1. The visitor should behave quietly so as not to disturb other hospitalized patients.
  2. The visitor should respect the recommendations and instructions of medical personnel, follow their instructions, eg when using shoe covers.
  3. The visitor should respect the visiting hours that are recommended and differentiated in each department.
  4. The visitor should adjust the duration and duration of the visit to the patient's state of health.
  5. The visitor should monitor whether the patient is too tired. If so, tactically shorten the visit.
  6. The visitor should postpone his visit if he is ill and could infect the patient.
  7. The visitor should listen to the patient's concerns, try to reassure him, comfort him, raise his self-esteem and motivate him to adhere to the treatment regime and thus contribute to faster release to home treatment.
  8. If a visitor wants to bring a gift to the patient, he should remember the adequacy and environment in which the patient is located. We recommend that you consult with the nursing staff whether the cut flowers are appropriate, that the food does not interfere with the diet… etc.
  9. Ideal for the patient is the cooperation between the visit (family member), the nursing staff and the patient himself. Especially when it comes to home treatment, which will require a change in lifestyle, diet, drug use, and so on.
  10. The visitor should respect the smoking ban on the premises of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague.
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