Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine

Workplace characteristics

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine provides rehabilitation especially for patients with brain and other neurological diseases, after injuries and surgeries of the locomotive apparatus, for vertebrogenic problems, etc. The aim of rehabilitation is to integrate the client into society and improve the quality of his life.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals: rehabilitation physicians with a variety of basic skills (from neurology, internal medicine, surgery), physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, special educators, social workers conduct diagnostics and propose short and long term rehabilitation plans.

For patients with brain damage with cognitive, fatal, locomotor, etc. problems, a day care center is set up in the clinic at Albertov. The clinic provides physiotherapy on the beds of VFN clinics. The content of physiotherapy in individual patients is methodically monitored by clinicians.

In addition to regular rehabilitation examinations, the clinic is also able to carry out polyelectromyographic examinations, stabilometry, bicyclic and rump ergometry. Scientific activity is focused on kinesiology of walking and application of ICF to practice. The clinic has been successfully involved in the Equal EU Initiative project "Rehabilitation-Activation-Work" and the 6th EU Framework Program.

Contact information

  • adresa Albertov 7, 128 00 Prague 2
  • telefon +420 224 968 479
  • telefon +420 224 968 491 (file)
  • fax +420 224 917 898
MUDr. Yvona Angerová, Ph.D., MBA
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 224 968 512
MUDr. Natálie Šebková
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 224 968 489
Vendula Matolínová
Head of physiotherapist
telefon+420 224 968 494
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