Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehalb Foundation

It was established at the clinic in 1995 on the initiative of Professor MUDr. Jan Pfeiffer, DrSc. (1928-2019) Rehalb Foundation (now Rehalb, ops). Its purpose is to support the activities of the clinic in patient care. Thanks to it, it is possible to improve the equipment of the clinic, support the education of employees, organize reconditioning stays for patients who follow the treatment in the Day Hospital. This is a non-profit activity, which is funded by sponsorship donations.

 If you want to help improve the care of patients of our clinic, support Rehalb, ops

ID 629 39 726

Albertov 7, Prague 2, 128 00

Account number 6171329/0800 (Česká spořitelna as)

Even a small contribution can help!

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