Department of Palliative Medicine

Workplace characteristics

What is palliative care and what can we help you with

  • It is a specialized multidisciplinary care for people with a serious illness that aims to provide relief from the symptoms and stress associated with the serious diseases. The aim is to improve the quality of life of the patient and his family, with respect to their wishes and values.
  • Palliative care provides the support that a person with a serious illness needs. He focuses on general orientation in the situation, not only the treatment of the ill organ.
  • It helps to cope with the new life situation, supports carers and loved ones. It facilitates orientation in the possibilities of social and health support.
  • It helps to find and formulate the values and preferences of each individual so that the treatment is consistent with his or her interests.
  • Palliative care is intended for all patients regardless of their age or stage of serious illness.

Our services

  • Specialist specialist physician in palliative medicine in hospitalized patients, support in the formulation and formulation of therapeutic goals and priorities.
  • Psychological care for patients and their loved ones.
  • Symptomatic care for complicated and complex conditions.
  • Social counseling in patients with a need for palliative intervention.
  • Spiritual support for patients of any religion, religion or belief, for their loved ones, and for carers.
  • Survival counseling.
  • Educational activities in the field of difficult communication, palliative medicine and bioethics.
  • Case studies seminars.

Contact information

  • adresa Karlovo nám. 32, 128 08 Praha 2 (Faculty Clinic, building C1, 1st floor)
  • telefon +420 601 102 816
  • email
MUDr. MgA. Kateřina Rusinová, Ph.D.
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 601 102 816
MUDr. Ondřej Kopecký
Head of Department
telefon+420 601 102 816
Jana Šimková Bc. Zuzana Kadlecová
Head Nurse
telefon+420 601 102 816
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