Department of Palliative Medicine

Educational activities

We managed to incorporate palliative care into the study plan of General Medicine at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

Medical students also have the opportunity to deepen their skills in the elective course Palliative Medicine and Communication.

We organize regular case studies seminars at the General Hospital and we organize the Congress of case studies in palliative medicine, we initiated the creation of a professional journal Palliative Medicine.

We offer the possibility of an internship at an accredited palliative medicine workplace, participants have the opportunity to go through a normal working day accompanied by a palliative physician or another paramedic of the palliative team, including an insight into the functioning of the palliative team.

We are happy to help with the introduction of palliative care in other hospitals.

We train palliative teams in other hospitals in the Czech Republic and organize turnkey courses in palliative medicine, specialized communication, ethical and legal dilemmas at the end of life.

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