IV. Internal Clinic - Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Professional ambulance

General Income Ambulance, ECG
Lipid, diabetes, endocrine tumors
Ambulance No. 2 Nutritional Support
Cardiology Ambulance II, Holter, ECG
Ambulance No. 3 Cardiology, Ergometry
ECHO laboratory
Outpatient department of hepatogastroenterology, lithotripsy
Ambulance sonography
Ambulance - ERCP
Ambulance - Endoscopy (Gastroscopy)
Ambulance - Endoscopy (Coloscopy)
Ambulance - Endoscopy (Coloscopy + Gastroscopy)
Gastroenterology - endoscopy
Gastroenterology - Coloscopy
Gastroenterology - sonography
Gastroenterology -manometry
Gastroenterology - endosonography
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