Blood transfusion department

Regular FTO events

For operational reasons, we always have our Zbraslav workplace closed when taking samples with a mobile unit, which are displayed in the table "Planned events for 2021". If you would like to come and donate on these dates, you can of course visit our workplace in the premises of the General University Hospital on Charles Square. Please watch information on the operating hours of samples and restrictions for individual blood groups.

Thank you for your willingness and time to donate.

Planned events for 2021
  January February March April May June September October November December
Deutsche Börse 05.10.
Jinočany 10.02. 28.04. 08.09. 24.11.
Czech television 16.02. 18.05. 09.11.
Kounice 27.04. 20.10.
Jílové 18.02. 06.05. 16.09. 02.12.
Poděbrady 25.01. 12.04. 21.06. 15.11.
Vroutek + Kryry 25.05. 02.11.
KPMG 06.10.
KB 24.03. 16.06. 12.10.
MS 15.06. 21.09.
ČSOB 07.04. 23.06. 08.12.
e-Bay Prague 14.09. 30.11.
ADP 19.10.
Billa sro.  23.11.
Cemex sro.  10.11.
Benzina  27.10.  27.01. 22.09.
Iqvia  13.10.
DHL 29.09.
IPSOS 07.09.
Police 24.02. 09.06. 03.11.
Johnson 07.12.


Table legend:

The left column of the table lists all regular transfusion events. Subscriptions with a mobile unit (exit) eg Kavčí hory, Jinočany, Jílové, etc. The colored boxes below each month contain a specific date for the selected event.

We will inform you about other regular events that take place at our workplace in the General Teaching Hospital and are not listed in the table (eg Give Blood with Czech Radio, Spartan Blood, etc.) as well as any changes to the dates, either through our website and profile on Facebook or if you are ordered, directly by phone.

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