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01. 02. 2023

Operational information of the Zbraslav workplace

Dear donors and blood donors

for operational reasons, we will have a mobile unit at the time of collection our Zbraslav workplace is closed on 1.2., 7.2., 9.2., 13.2., 14.2., 15.2., 21.2., 22.2., 23.2., 28.2. 2023. These days, you can donate blood to the FTO at the VFN.

We will inform you in time about any further changes. You can find a general overview of the planned collection dates with the mobile unit on our website under the link Regular FTO eventswhich you will also find in the right menu of the page.

Thank you for your understanding, Your FTO Zbraslav.

26. 01. 2023 

Lack of transfusion products

Dear donors and blood donors

If your health and schedule allow it, please come and donate blood.

We are currently struggling with a shortage of blood group transfusion preparations 0 and AND, Rh(D) negative and positive ones.

Thank you!

21. 12. 2022

Dear blood donors, dear blood donors,

thank you for
that you are helping our patients with your actions,
and that thanks to you, our work does not lack meaning.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas, holiday and New Year's day.

And also, may not only optimism and health leave you in 2023, but also the desire to continue donating.

We look forward to seeing you!

For the FTO team
MUDr. Daniela Dušková, Ph.D.
Head of Clinic

03. 03. 2022

Dear donors, blood donors,

from Monday 7. 3. 2022 we run in test mode on-line web ordering for the Zbraslav workplace.

You will find more detailed instructions on the operation and individual functions of the web application in the attached one instructions.

We believe that this function will simplify the ordering of your subscriptions, so do not be afraid to use it.

Any comments on this new system, please write to e-mail

Thank you! FTO VFN

01. 03. 2022

Dear blood donors,

Thank you for your continued willingness to help patients by donating blood, we appreciate it very much. As you know, in the event of a critical shortage of blood supplies, we always turn to you for help. We currently have adequate blood supplies to meet the needs of our patients.

However, we feel the need to respond to your frequently asked questions as to whether we are currently preparing to provide transfusion products for Ukraine and whether it is possible to donate blood for Ukraine at our department. Of course, we are ready to help with the provision of transfusion products for Ukraine as soon as we are asked. However, this situation has not yet occurred. If blood is needed for Ukraine, we will inform you in time and allow you to ask for help.

Thank you for your willingness to help!

We enclose a list of links where it is possible to help with a financial gift:

SOS Ukraine, account number 93209320/0300
Donate - one-off - People in Need (

ADRA, ops
account number: 66888866/0300, variable symbol 500
SOS ADRA: Assistance to Ukraine

Public fundraiser to help the Red Cross Ukraine
account number: 333999/2700, variable symbol 1502
Ukraine: further help from the Red Cross (

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic has a bank account to which a financial amount can be sent for the subsequent purchase of defense material. With the money raised, they collect the defense material that Ukraine's armed forces and militia need most.
Account number: 304452700/0300

31. 08. 2020

Dear donors and blood donors

we are joining the Kappka project and application. More information can be found on the web

01. 06. 2020

Donation Promotion - Youtuber Peca

Youtuber Peca visited us and it was nice 😊

Thank you for promoting the donation!

28. 05. 2020

Dear donors and blood donors

Due to frequently asked questions in connection with the implementation of tests for the presence of Covid 19, we would like to inform you that we do not perform these tests at our workplace.

You can find a list of collection points in Prague under the links:

11. 02. 2019

Virtual tour

Dear donors and blood donors

We have prepared for you a virtual walk through the whole process, which begins with the arrival to the collection and ends with the dispensing of transfusion products for patients. You can see in detail step by step what's happening to your blood, plasma or platelets.

If you have the taste and the time, you will see the tour here.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!