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17. 06. 2021

Critical lack of transfusion products!

Dear donors and blood donors

summer is just beginning. For most of us, a time of well-deserved rest, holidays and vacations with a little carefree lounging, on the contrary, for some also a time of hectic activity at home, in the cottage or in the care of the youngest members of the family. Due to the more favorable epidemic situation and the ongoing vaccination, there is also a time when we will hopefully get a little better from the ubiquitous coronavirus disease.

At the transfusion department, summer has always meant and still means lower stocks of transfusion products. Unfortunately, this year is different. Thanks to the pandemic, postponement of vaccination is added to the traditional summer reasons for postponing donations (ticks, allergies, travel). The situation is further exacerbated by a significant increase in patients' blood needs (delayed planned surgeries) and, for various reasons, lower interest in donations. The usual decline in stocks of transfusion products this year is already registered at the beginning of summer, so we have several challenging months ahead of us.

Therefore, please come and donate blood and help our patients. Tell your friends, family, friends and acquaintances to join. Let's create a small summer transfusion wave of solidarity with patients who need your blood.

You can find the currently needed blood groups under the link Current need for blood, first-time welcome!

Your gift is the beginning of hope for patients.

Thank you!

10. 06. 2021

Dear donors and blood donors

the day is approaching for all of you who have voluntarily decided to help patients and donate your blood. World Blood Donor Daywhich falls on Monday 14.6.2021.

For this important day and as a thank you for you, we have prepared commemorative letters for blood donation, which we will hand over throughout the following week. World Blood Donor Day also directly encourages the further promotion of voluntary donations, and live entrances to the Breakfast with Nova program will also be part of the Karlovo náměstí workplace, and members of the "…" rowing team, which participates in this year's 108, will also donate blood on this day. Mayors of Prague.

On Monday, June 14, 2021, we expect it to be a little tighter at our workplace Karlovo náměstí. We would therefore like to ask you a lot of patience and forbearance while waiting for a collection. We will be looking forward to seeing you at our workplace in the VFN complex near Charles Square and at the workplace in Zbraslav.

Thank you for helping!

01. 06. 2021

Postponement of donation after vaccination, vaccination and convalescent plasma

Dear donors and blood donors

In view of the growing number of questions, the current conditions for blood donation after vaccination against covid-19, in accordance with the recommendations of the Czech Vaccinological Society and the Society for Transfusion Medicine of the Czech Medical Association JEP, as well as the recommendations of the European Center for Infectious Diseases Control (ECDC), are as follows:

  • delay 7 days after each vaccination dose (for Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax and Sanofi vaccines),
  • delay 28 days after each vaccination dose (in the case of Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines).

Because there is not yet sufficient information on whether and how the immune response after vaccination differs from the immune response after infection, they are not. persons vaccinated and without pre-established SARS-CoV-2 infection are suitable as convalescent plasma donors.

Thank you for respecting these recommendations.

15. 04. 2021

Temporary suspension of Covid-19 convalescent plasma samples

Dear donors and blood donors

due to the currently filled capacity, we are temporarily suspending the collection of Covid-19 convalescent plasma. We will inform you about the renewal.

Thank you for your understanding.

31. 08. 2020

Dear donors and blood donors

we are joining the Kappka project and application. More information can be found on the web

01. 06. 2020

Donation Promotion - Youtuber Peca

Youtuber Peca visited us and it was nice 😊

Thank you for promoting the donation!

28. 05. 2020

Dear donors and blood donors

Due to frequently asked questions in connection with the implementation of tests for the presence of Covid 19, we would like to inform you that we do not perform these tests at our workplace.

You can find a list of collection points in Prague under the links:

11. 02. 2019

Virtual tour

Dear donors and blood donors

We have prepared for you a virtual walk through the whole process, which begins with the arrival to the collection and ends with the dispensing of transfusion products for patients. You can see in detail step by step what's happening to your blood, plasma or platelets.

If you have the taste and the time, you will see the tour here.

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