23. 10. 2020

The goal of VFN is to renew the vehicle fleet

"The average age of ambulances in our hospital is 14 and a half years. We definitely need to gradually renew it, and one of the first swallows is the purchase of the 2015 Ford Custom ambulance, " explains the purchase of an older ambulance by the head of the Department of Transport Services of the General Hospital, Ing. Ladislav Zach and adds: "The car was imported from Germany, has a mileage of 230,000 kilometers, it is a newer type of Ford L2H2, which means that it has a longer superstructure. In addition to the heart attack chair and bed, three more people can fit in the cabin. It also offers patients a more comfortable legroom. It meets the concept of simultaneous transport of multiple patients at once, which is more advantageous and better evaluated by health insurance companies.“VFN's strategy is clear. The costs of repairs and operation are higher and higher as the age of the cars increases, which is why two older ambulances have now been purchased. The purchase of new ambulances will be included in the investment plan, so a complete replacement of the hospital's vehicle fleet is expected in the coming years.

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